Maps & Internet

Maps & Internet

Hi -

Model S on order for June!

Question regarding the Internet connectivity and maps. Does the car have its own Internet connection through some cellular carrier that I have to maintain a contract with? Does it use a Bluetooth connection to the Internet through my iPhone? Or WiFi for software updates when parked in the garage? I've read the manuals and this is still not clear to me.

Finally, the maps look similar to google maps... That seems too good to be true, but is it?

Thanks for your time and help with these questions.

- Justin

rochec | April 16, 2013

The car has a 3G connection (for now, LTE rumored to be coming soon), so yes, it has its own connection. Right now the connectivity package is "free" and will have a monthly cost, whenever that is released (rumored to be $30/month from AT&T).

WiFi is promised, as well as tethering to your mobile device, but not yet available. So updates are over 3G right now, but you aren't prompted to update until the package is fully downloaded, which happens in the background.

Yes, it is Google Maps and utilizes Garmin's turn by turn nav.

jat | April 16, 2013

To clarify, the satellite and regular map overhead view on the main console uses Google map tiles. The turn-by-turn display in the dashboard is vector graphics drawn from in-car map data (assuming you have the tech package), and the navigation is from in-car data using Navigon.

It is weak compared to just using Google Maps directly, but it is good enough I don't bother to use my phone to navigate (unlike previous cars with navigation).