Master charger failure prevents charging in MS60

Master charger failure prevents charging in MS60

Just wanted to document this experience and see if anyone had similar ones. Kind of discouraging to think a major part of my 3 month old car failed, but at least it was fixed quickly. And if this is rare, I'll just count myself an outlier.

A few days ago I noticed that my MS60 hadn't charged overnight and then the next night I noticed even though I plugged it in, it wouldn't start charging. I'd press "Start charging" and get no response. I brought it to our Blink chargers at the office and had the same problem, so it was clearly the car.

I took it in today and they fixed it after a couple hours with the following notes:
"found fault in logs for master charger. replaced master charger and test charged ok with new charger."

Honestly I didn't mind the idea of taking it in since I thought I'd get a P85 loaner to play with, but I guess that's not rolled out yet (Menlo Park location), so it was a little more annoying to spend 35 minutes at Enterprise waiting for a Hyundai Sonata. At least it made me appreciate how much more enjoyable and safer it feels to be in a powerful car like the Model S.

mdtaylor69 | May 9, 2013

Not an issue with the master charger, but one night in the past 3 months the car failed to charge. The Mobile Charger cable unit has a green light normally and it was red the morning the car didn't charge. One evening last week the unit was red as I plugged into the car and I just unplugged from the wall and plugged it back in. The light turned green and it charged normally.

Maestrokneer | May 9, 2013

@mdtaylor69: We had similar problems with our charging cable. Except ours stopped charging completely eventually and we had to have it replaced. Probably worth reporting it and getting a new cable before you find out it doesn't work on a night before you really need a full charge.

cerjor | May 9, 2013

I'm driving from Phoenix to Seattle and have had a similar problem. I have plugged into two different 14-50 outlets and they worked fine for about 3 hours. Then they stopped. I unplugged and plugged back in and all was well for one minute. Then they stopped again. I think it's the cable. Tonight it's plugged in to a J1772. Hope that keeps charging.

STARR X | May 10, 2013

I got my MS on January 21st. A week after I got it, the car stopped charging. (Showed a red circle of light around the charging port instead of blue or green). Initial trouble shooting for this type of problem starts with the assumption the cable or charge port is bad. Once those turned out not to be the issue, fucus turned to the charger as I only have one. Turned out the charger was bad and it was replaced. No issues since 5,000+ miles later.

tommers | May 10, 2013

My experience was basically the same as Starr X except my port shorted blue.

DouglasR | May 10, 2013

With twin chargers, is one a master and the other a slave? Or does the second charger offer redundancy? Anybody know?

Ricardian | September 22, 2013

I had a problem with Master Charger failure within 4 weeks of receiving my MS 85. The charge port glowed red and it displayed an "Unable to charge error". It was fixed at the factory but took 2 days, mostly because they were backed up (worrying in itself...). Now 2 months later I have the exact same problem again!! Back to the shop again tomorrow.....

SCCRENDO | September 22, 2013

Mine was a cable issue. Didn't charge one night. Got the red light. Swapped it out and it's been no problem since. Got the car early April and this happened early May.

suratchai | September 22, 2013

I had the same problem 2 months ago just 2 week of ownership.

jimina | February 15, 2014

Today I got the same charging problem.. charger stopped working... it has been 8 months.... Hope not to recur.

TFMethane | February 15, 2014

Hmmm... I'm not sure what the charger configuration is in the car.

I have gotten the red light on my Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) a couple of times. This was always almost right away, and was because I jiggled or did something weird to the plug. Once it happened when I used an inadequate extension cord to plug in 110, and the extension cord heated up, presumably resulting in a current drop.

I'm assuming the UMC detects a power surge or an undervolt/undercurrent, and automatically stops charging for safety reasons. I noticed that the rim around the charge port on the car changes from green to red to alert me that there is a problem with charging. Again, the only time I've experienced this was when there was a problem on the home electric side of things.

I suspect you may be having surges in your home electric. This is a frustrating problem for you, I'm sure, because it's happening several hours into a charge, and you unexpectedly come to find your car not fully charged in the morning.

I suggest you have an electrician check out your home wiring. Barring that, it would be nice if there was some kind of audible alert from the UMC to let us know that charging has stopped... Maybe a beep every few minutes. It would be even better if an alert was sent to your phone via the mobile app.

TFMethane | February 15, 2014

sorry, my post was @mastrokneer, not at the OP.

SCCRENDO | February 15, 2014

Initially had a cable issue mentioned above. After my first service in Oct had a transient problem with my master charger. Changed it out. No problem since

J.T. | February 16, 2014

As some have mentioned in various threads when you're at a Chargepoint station you get a text when your car is completed or when it stops charging for any reason. This should be coming soon from Tesla.

cloudwi | September 23, 2014

Refreshing and continuing the thread:

3.5k miles, 3-month ownership, MS85 dropped its charge rating (at 50A outlet powered by 50A breaker) from a standard 40A to 30A. Tesla replaced the master charger. I hope the new one will last!

logicalthinker | September 23, 2014

@JT, that would be great. The Volt sends me a text when it finishes charging wherever I'm charging (and additionally ChargePoint chargers ALSO send a text). It is a nice feature.

Bighorn | September 23, 2014

Charging alerts are part of v6

kenj | September 23, 2014

... and the smartphone App - on IOS not sure about Android.

Gives alert on SC charging completion. Can notify you if charging stops.