Mirror Link in Model S?

Mirror Link in Model S?

I was just watching the unboxing of the new Samsung phone and one of the features is Mirror Link. Best described by stolen text:

"The most unique element of Mirror Link is the ability for smartphone manufacturers to throw their own interface onto a car stereo. For instance, it seems that Sony will add quick links to traffic, parking and weather (along with the standard navigation, music and phone links), in an interface that's somewhat reminiscent of Windows Phone Metro. Meanwhile, it appears that Samsung is going absolutely crazy with its implementation, which includes features such as calendaring, voice recording, email and, yes... Facebook. Admittedly, we're a bit weary of drivers updating their status at a stoplight, but that's not going to stop us from grabbing new car stereos this summer."

Seems like a standard all cars will be following at some point soon with all the laws about not using phones in the car.
In NY you are not allowed to use any electronic device while driving. Perhaps that is over stating it...would not be allowed to drive a Tesla then :)

BYT | May 3, 2012

Since the Model S will have an SDK I think we can maybe pull this off ourselves taking notes from other developers like, and/or for iOS at least.

I have also heard of similar stuff for Android based phone, but I'm an iOS guy so... yeah! ;)

Brian H | May 4, 2012

Here's a fun demonstration of the results of using a mobile while driving (or texting while parked):