model 3 affordability

model 3 affordability

So there are various things that can bring down the cost of the model 3:

- regular door handles
- regular seats
- smaller size
- lighter battery
- drive train efficiencies
- battery cost
- steel vs aluminum body
- 5 year leases
- regular wheels
- regular suspension
- 8 - 10 year no interest financing
- 12 inch vs 17 inch controls ( i hate the way the x display rides above the dash)
- production volume
- fewer moving parts
- trim changes

Did i forget anything?

holidayday | July 25, 2014

-3D print their own parts
-borrow luxury parts from Mercedes (seats, sunroof, etc) (higher margin of luxury parts can allow lower margins on base product)
-standard tires
-effective design (too exotic of a design will result in lower demand)
-keep 17 inch display for everything (better volume production)
-Same Model S technology behind the screen to efficiently use software production.
-Tesla creates finance arm to take over leases and some financing options. (similar to how GM created GMAC)

Nanana26 | July 25, 2014

the steel VS aliuminium is a double edged sword, steel allows you to bring down the price, but it will require a more expensive battery to get the same mileage

the reason the BMW i3 is out of carbon fiber is probably because it increases mileage by bringing down weight

I think the major cost of the model 3 will be the battery still, the Nissan leaf battery, Nissan said their leaf battery is $6,500 minium, since they say they're making a loss on their replacements

JeffreyR | September 11, 2014

Popping up this thread related to price estimates for the Model ≡.

Red Sage ca us | September 12, 2014

These items need not be cut back for the sake of pricing:
Tesla door handles
Tesla seats
steel and aluminum frame
alloy wheels
independent suspension
17 inch control center
Tesla Motors is not a luxury car company... But they do make premium cars. Please do not expect them to build the equivalent of a 1970s era loss leader 'beater' for 35 grand.

As was said in far too many reviews of the Tesla Model S... The Tesla Model ≡ will be 'a REAL car'. Believe it.