Model S Outdoor Car Cover?

Model S Outdoor Car Cover?

What happened to the outdoor car cover in the store? I have to park my car in the driveway, and am expecting delivery in 2 weeks, so I went to the store tonight to load up on some accessories. Much to my dismay, the outdoor car cover is gone from the store. They are only offering the indoor light weight one currently.

Anyone have any information on where that went?

NielsChr | January 1, 2013

Fyi: I was browsing the shop 2 days ago, and at that time they where both pressent.

SpinMD in NC | January 1, 2013

Same with me...
What happened Tesla??
They were there, along with floor mats, and the next day when ready to buy it all, gone!!!

Brian H | January 1, 2013

Too many greedy buyers. >:(

bonforte | January 1, 2013

I bought my outdoor cover two weeks ago. It shipped a few days ago. Maybe they pulled it because they have made a new/improved one they will announce. When I first bought, they called me to tell me they were out of stock.

JoeFee | January 1, 2013

Love mine!

GaryOrlando | January 2, 2013

I'm bummed, tried a generic one from AutoZone but the car is way too tall for it.... then it got a bit windy (florida) and it blew away never to be seen again.

Volker.Berlin | January 3, 2013

Generic car cover is not recommended. The Model S car cover has provisions not only to have the charge port accessible, but more importantly, to allow for ventilation. Ventilation (battery climate control) is particularly required when charging, but may also be activated while the car is just sitting. Not a good idea to block that.

TheAustin | January 3, 2013

Funny, I ordered the cargo net, the outdoor car cover, and a full set of the Tesla floor mats on December 29th. I wonder...Did I get one of the last car covers and floor mat sets, or were they already backordered, and no one thought to take them off the website until they started getting orders for them? I guess a call to customer service/ownership experience is in order.

MB3 | January 3, 2013

Doesn't the cover flap against the paint? Won't that scratch the clear coat?

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Some say you must have the car super-clean before putting the cover on, so it doesn't grind grit into the paint.

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Some say you must have the car super-clean before putting the cover on, so it doesn't grind grit into the paint.

Brian H | January 3, 2013

Oops, sorry for the dupe. Fighting the "Validation Error" curse.

SpinMD in NC | January 5, 2013

I see today that the mats and exterior car cover are back on the website, but listed as "out of stock". I thought the ext cover was $350, but now it is listed at $400.

drp | January 5, 2013


I remember the cover as $399

SpinMD in NC | January 5, 2013

Great. I am glad to be wrong on that one!

Doctor-Pat | April 15, 2015

My outdoor S car cover arrived. Put it on for the first time today; fit very nicely. Probably won't be able to roll it tightly enough to get back into the duffle, but oh well. Question; does it ventilate well enough that I could sleep in the car while plugged in overnight at an RV park with the A/C on? seems to give good privacy in that instance. I have a long trip away from superchargers so will need to visit an RV park over night...