Model S vs Ferarri F430

Model S vs Ferarri F430

First, I want to thank the folks at Gold Coast Bentley in Chicago for allowing me some awesome test drives last Thursday of two Ferarri F430's. What a thrill to drive. If you are in Chicago, you should go to this place - what an amazing assortment of the "coolest" cars on the planet.

I thought most of you would laugh at the fact that on last Thursday I pulled up and parked my model S in from of Gold Coast Bentley. Among the Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maserati, and even the McLaren - the most photographed vehicle while I was there was..... yes ... you guessed it... my Model S. My salesman, the manager and even people walking by on the street all were so interested in OUR engineering and style icon.

Tesla - you "do me proud" every day. Driving the F430 was great, but I was just as thrilled to get back in my Model S and drive off.

kilimats | April 28, 2013

lol owned ;)

rchiang | April 30, 2013

I got my car like last week ago and each time I take it out for a spin I get so many "wave and thumb up" compliments and etc... I wish that wasn't the case I like to be low key kind of person. Wondering how long this will last.. :(

Carefree | April 30, 2013

rchiang - move to Arizona:-) I have yet to have anyone approach me about my Model S and I've had it for 8 weeks now. People here are much more reserved.

jjs | April 30, 2013

Carefree, I had the same feeling about my home state of Nebraska. I had the car for 2 months, delivered in early January, without a single person taking notice. Then something changed. The weather. On the first nice day, and just about every nice day since then I have had someone comment on the car. I have had
- A teenager in a LOUD souped up Honda give me a thumbs up
- A crowd gather round it at a restaurant and take pictures
- People have taken pictures of it as we drove down the interstate.
- Multiple people with the thumbs up
- and today just had a gentlemen wave me down on the road in the car next to me as we came to an intersection. I thought something must be wrong so I opened my window and got beside him only to here him ask "Is that a foreign car?" I told him "no it is an American car, a Tesla". He looked most puzzled. The light changed before I had a chance to really blow his mind by explaining it was a BEV.

Carefree, I think you day is coming! :)

Carefree | April 30, 2013

jjs - I'm actually happy the way it is. When I read about some of our CA friends being chased down by crazy Tesla fans I keep thinking how nice it is to be incognito:-)

BYT | April 30, 2013

@rchiang, in the California Bay Area where they make the beloved Model S you can hardly though a coin without hitting a Model S, move here and nobody will notice... :)

BYT | April 30, 2013

throw, sorry, mind was turned off... :/

Swigg66 | April 30, 2013

On the highway I have got a thumbs up from and Audi R8 and also a red Ferrari, those were very exciting moments because usually I'm giving those guys thumbs up!!