Model T performance model

Model T performance model

Im 24 in college and I'm always having dreams of owning my own Tesla one day. I know Elon is planning on mass producing high volume electric car, something similar to the model s but scaled down. I'm really interested in performance cars so I hope the high volume electric car will have enough muscle to hang with civic si in stock form or any other in that category.

It would also be cool to see the model t outmatch an Mitsubishi evo using similar power train from the model x in a light Weight package.

I see alot of potential in the dynamics of all wheel drive system and think it would be awesome In a smaller electric vehicle

sfatusin | August 22, 2013

Ops I mean model e

: )

ian | August 23, 2013

I think what you actually mean is the "GenIII" (the Roadster was Gen I and the S/X platform is GenII) since Tesla hasn't actually named the smaller mass production vehicle yet. There are many hoping they will offer a high performance version. Considering it has been mentioned by Elon that they will also produce a small SUV on the same platform there is reason to be hopeful an AWD version may someday be sold. We're talking at least 3 years and more likely 5 years out though so you've got time to save your sheckles. ;-)


Timo | August 23, 2013

Elon said that next roadster will be based on GenIII platform, so there will be performance version build on that platform. Not necessarily immediately, but it will be build.

Brian H | August 23, 2013

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