More Analyst news about Tesla

More Analyst news about Tesla

Check out this link to another analyst who is not too impressed with Tesla's car or stock price based on the NY Times report.

Brian H | February 11, 2013

An idiot.

TheAustin | February 11, 2013

Not even clicking on that shite!

hhefcare | February 11, 2013

I have had the car for a month. I drive up to 100 miles per trip in cold weather. The car works perfectly. If a driver makes long range trips he will buy a different car today. Maybe with more super chargers this will allow for longer trips.

The reporter did not charge the car to full capacity because he did not understand the charging procedures. This might have eliminated the problems he had.

Manta | February 11, 2013

"an electrified lemon like the Tesla Model S" and "a terrible investment whether you are a car buyer or an investor"?!?!?

I wish I never clicked on that link!

Duffer | February 11, 2013

I'm no lawyer, but this kind of comment ("electrified lemon") on the strength of one drive strikes me as awfully close to slander.

steve | February 11, 2013

Haters gonna hate... Seeking Alpha has been so off topic and has such terrible analysis. I don't understand how they could have any credible fellowship. I'm not just talking about what they say about Tesla but just in general.

sandman | February 11, 2013

Hey, there have been plenty of regurgitated positive reviews as well. Those stink as well in my opinion. This is a regurgitation of someone else's negative review based on one untrained experience.

I'll still keep selling the car for them regardless, which means I let people ride in the car and it sells itself. Everyone asks about charging and range. I keep it pretty simple. This car is my daily commuter, I have another ICE that sits like a 15 year old dog for long hauls. Yes, I can go further using this or that charge station here or there and this app does planning etc etc. But that's a lot of time and effort unless you are out to make a point.

GoTeslaChicago | February 11, 2013

It's not an analyst article. It's John Peterson writing under a different pen name.

In case you don't know, John Peterson writes very negative articles about Tesla that bend the facts, and use demeaning language against EV's in general and Tesla in particular.

How do I know it is John Peterson writing under a different name? First of all his style is unmistakeable, and second he has even jumped into the comments section to defend the article as if he wrote it, giving away the fact that he did write it. Not this one, but a previous one.

Brian H | February 11, 2013

Just identified as "an analyst with Saibus". I guess he got a day job. The style was pretty reminiscent to me, too.

cprenzl | February 11, 2013

Tesla NEEDS to sue the New York Times, and make it very clear not to pull public bullshit on them again

trydesky | February 11, 2013

I'm with TheAustin, not even gonna read it.

GLO | February 11, 2013

Did our first distance drive last weekend and the rated range was dead on. Stellar performance. Don't consider the NYT BS article worth reading. LOVE my car!

tranhv68 | February 11, 2013

The shorts have been getting their ass handed to them in the last few months. I have been selling puts to these douchebags for the last six months and watching those puts expire worthless.

The NYT article had two unique properties that was irresistable to these bozos. It is a very well respected publication and, more importantly, it was negative toward Tesla.

These sharks smell blood in the water and they are biting. As a put writer, I'd like to see more sharks come to feed. That means more buyers for my puts and I get bigger premiums.

Go Tesla!

DonS | February 11, 2013

It doesn't hurt Tesla in the long run since the owner's experiences are what will drive sales and is what really matters for long term appreciation. It does however smack of stock manipulation for short term gain, meaning someone else ends up with a short term loss.