MS owners do you feel the car's width is a problem?

MS owners do you feel the car's width is a problem?

There is a good chance, matter of fact I'm almost certain, that I will buy a MS very soon. At this point I see no flaws of the car that will bother me. As a current Porsche Cayman S owner things like shorter tire life (w/21") or possible high noise level will not be issues to me. The only question for me now is the car's width. It's probably fine driving on the highway, I intend to get the performance plus option, but I like to know if MS owners find it difficult to park especially trying to squeeze into the tiny parking slots in the city garages. I hate to think of driving to SF for dinner and find the parking space too small or too risky for me to park the MS. | May 12, 2013

I have not found any problem and park in a parking garage at work daily.

Brant | May 12, 2013

Not at all
And my previous car was a Toyota Celica
It's bigger but not a problem

noel.smyth | May 12, 2013

nope, not a problem for me. I park in a garage daily.

pvetesla | May 12, 2013

I too was surprised to find that the width of the MS wider than my Acura MDX. My SUV is hard to get down my driveway already. It looks like the only way to fit it is to retract the mirrors on the MS.

Not sure but I will be testing, hoping not to scratch it, down my driveway next week.

TikiMan | May 12, 2013

If you are familiar with driving slightly wider vehicles (trucks, SUV's, etc), it's no big deal. I personally haven't had any issues with parking in most regular parking spaces, however, I avoid compact spots (most of which are marked "compact only")

Your biggest challenge is curb-rash if you are more familiar with driving a compact car.

riceuguy | May 12, 2013

It is not a small car. I am lucky to live in Texas where most parking spots are large, but still find myself searching for parking spots that have an adjacent open space. But that may actually be the ONLY thing I don't love about the car, and the longer I have it the more I get used to it. Once they add the guidelines to the camera, it should be manageable...

carlk | May 12, 2013

@pvetesla Love to hear you comparison with the MDX. We (wife) happen to have owned an MDX in the past.

@riceuguy I know what you mean. I have lived in Texas for a few years while attending Rice U. :-) Parking space here in CA can be small. SF being the worst. I guess it's still better than in many east coast cities where you need to do a lot of parallel parking. I hope Tesla will soon implement the electrical folding mirror and parking sensor. My understanding is the later is already offered in European delivery models.

djm12 | May 12, 2013

Not as much as I originally feared, but I would prefer a smaller profile.

blc1017 | May 12, 2013

I worried about the size of the car in general because I am not accustomed to larger cars. This car is very easy to park. I don't, however, park in compact spaces and I'll spend extra time looking for an end space or one with an open space next to it, just because I want to avoid door dings for as long as I can. And don't forget...many places have EV parking.

joshuaeven | May 12, 2013

Like others have said, I've never had a car this big, but the Model S doesn't FEEL big. Parking has been fine for me... curbside (not a rub yet), parking spots, garage, so far no issues. I do take it slower than I used to (previous car was a 370 Z). The combo of wide-angle rear camera and auto-tilting mirrors is great for visibility.

jdb | May 12, 2013

As TikiMan says, "Your biggest challenge is curb-rash if you are more familiar with driving a compact car." Need to be more careful in round-abouts, need to drive closer to inside lane, this car does have wide stance. But I have had car for 5 months and use parking garage daily and no problems, also no problems with parrallel parking on city streets. Car has such pinpoint maneuveraility that wider stance not an issue.

deaton52 | May 12, 2013

Only problem I've had is that it is a bit of a squeeze into my garage, but it fits. Almost as wide, but not quite, as a former Chevy Suburban I had!! But it really is not a problem. I've had mine for 6 months now, and the only place I've really noticed the width is in driving into the garage. Parking spaces are not a problem, though admittedly I just don't bother with the 'compact' spaces marked in parking garages, where I would park my Jag X-type with no problem.

Keith72 | May 12, 2013

No problems for me. Most of the parking lots I use have plenty of room between the cars to avoid door bangs (unless the person next to me is a moron - not n issue yet).

Keith72 | May 12, 2013

...not an issue yet....

jackhub | May 12, 2013

My Model S is exactly the same width as my Buick. No Prob.

sftesla | May 12, 2013

My biggest concern with the width was getting into my garage. I only have a couple of inches clearance on each side with both mirrors extended, which is (surprisingly) plenty of room. A secondary concern was driving it around San Francisco since I had been driving a Prius in the city for the past 7 years. As others have said, the car feels really nimble so you don't notice the size. And you can get it into most parking spaces in SF, but I wouldn't recommend it. The space may be wide enough for the Model S, but not wide enough to accommodate careless parking neighbors that will open their doors straight into your flawless paint and aluminum body. My old Prius had more door dings than I could count.

I'm not ready to expose my Tesla to those dangers so I only park in garages that have spaces without adjacent cars. Either that or valet parking. I would even parallel park on the street in SF before trying a parking lot since you are only risking your bumpers in that situation. And you can reduce those risks with temporary bumper protection.

generubin | May 12, 2013

I went from a Honda Civic to my Model S. I got used to the size within a few days. I can even parallel park successfully on the first try.

tommers | May 12, 2013

I did find the width a challenge in my somewhat narrow driveway. I broke off part of the left mirror cover and scratched the back wheelwell and eventually extended my automatic gate 11" to accommodate it. Admittedly, I had also scratched my Accord once, which is 11" thinner, so it was a little tight even with a thinner car. But the lack of automatic folding mirrors is more notable when you have to back up a long driveway everyday.

Otherwise, I don't think much about the extra width. I'm still a little less sure of how close I am to the curb, but otherwise, it doesn't affect driving on the roads.

cgiGuy | May 13, 2013

Wouldn't the mirrors be useful (not folded in) backing out of a long driveway every day?

hiroshiy | May 13, 2013

As a Tokyo resident and 85kWh Sig Performance (RHD) reservation holder (of course I'll buy), I think this car is too wide, at least for use in Japan. I uploaded a comment in the TMC here. It also lacks some small features necessary for the market.

FYI this photo is my car (approx same size as S class) parked in my condo's parking.

My suggestion to Tesla is that as most mechanical parkings in Tokyo are designed based on Merc S class as a benchmark, the car's width should be around the same size as S class, i.e. around 190cm (74.8in). Japan is a small market compared to U.S. though it still have 3M new car sales every year. In Tokyo everyday I see Bentley, Mercedes all classes, Aston Martin, Lambo Gallardo, Porche on the road... I believe there must be some room for Model S.

hiroshiy | May 13, 2013

sorry image was too big...

Schlermie | May 13, 2013

I've noticed when I drive in the commute lane, motorcycles tend to hesitate before white lining past me. They seem to want to overtake me on the right but nervous about doing so, even if I drift up to the botts dots on the left edge of the lane. I've wondered if the width of the car makes it difficult to pass.

ThomasK | May 13, 2013


BYT | May 13, 2013

Only when parking at the Mall, otherwise, no! :)

Brian H | May 13, 2013
Jewsh | May 13, 2013

It was a big shock going from my Hyundai Accent, but I am used to it now. ;-)

Albert B | May 13, 2013

Width was one of the things I worried about before buying the MS. My garage is a fairly narrow 2 car and my wife's car is fairly wide as well.

It turned out not to be a problem. I can park easily wherever I go.

kevinf311 | May 13, 2013

Coming from a late 90s Lincoln TownCar (and an mid 80s TC earlier in my life), I'm not expecting the width to be a problem.

I felt just as comfortable driving (and even backing into a parking space) the S on my test drive as I do every day in my TownCar.

It's a full size luxury sedan, not a Hum-vee. It shouldn't have a problem fitting into most of life's situations.

I do expect it to be a snug fit with the mirrors in my garage, however, as noted in another thread here. It'll fit, but I'll have to take care.

The only thing you're really going to have to worry about on width is how wide your grin will be whenever you get behind the wheel!

DTsea | May 13, 2013

no problem. Same width as a minivan, same length - within an inch.

hiroshiy | May 14, 2013

Thanks Brian!