New Go Electric page freezes my browser

New Go Electric page freezes my browser

I'm running Firefox 10.0.11 on Gentoo Linux. The header loads, then one core of my processor spikes and I have to kill Firefox. Anybody else having this problem? I can't be the only Linux dork on the board.

john.m.hennessey | December 6, 2012

It runs in Chrome without issue. It is a very impressive page that dynamically changes as you scroll down the page. I suspect this advanced functionality could be a challenge some browsers, including the one in the Model S. I could not get it to work in the car.

Brian H | December 6, 2012

Works fine on XP FF 17.0.1 ...

Timo | December 6, 2012

If that 10.0.11 is ESR (IE. you are using corporate edition for Extended Support Release), good news for you, there is 17 ESR as well and that will be the only supported ESR edition after February (three months overlap). It might be that your IT guys are looking for beta-testers just now for v17 ESR to find out if there are some webapps that you use that don't work in that version (not likely), so tell them that you volunteer to test it. They might actually install it to you.

I have 10.0.11 esr at work as well, I will test it tomorrow (on windows machines though).

Couple of hints for linux FF:

type about:config to address bar

Create a new integer preference (click right mouse button in empty area to create new preferences)

and set it to 0. (apparently ext3 FS handles fsync() badly and FF uses that a lot)

and set gfx.xrender.enabled to false. (apparently xrenderer really sucks)

Something like SAP is one program that is widely used and has ancient browsers in their official support lists. Unofficially it works just well in more modern browsers (except in IE9 I have been told).

That "go electric" page is one of those gizmos I hate. It scrolls badly with mouse wheel, uses a lot of animations that depend of your position in the page etc. Other than that it is kinda cool page. A bit low range selections like "real life range" selectors don't allow lower than 32F ambient temperatures.

Brian H | December 6, 2012

Ah, NNIC raises its head again!

nickjhowe | December 6, 2012

And why limit the range calcs to no more than 65mph? There are plenty of places with a legal maximum above that.

One clever thing though - did anyone notice that the range goes UP with temperature (e.g. from 75 to 90F), if you have A/C disabled? Assume it is because the air is less dense and therefore less drag...?

Timo | December 6, 2012

19" vs 21" tires also have quite high effect on range. I might change my configuration to 19" because of that.

Timo | December 7, 2012

10.0.11 freezes in Windows 7 too, so that's not linux-problem, just general incompatibility with 10.0.x -series.