new potential roadster owner

new potential roadster owner

I am looking for a pre-owned Roadster, and have narrowed down to a couple of cars. I am excited at the possibility of owning one of the finest cars... however, I am trying to figure out what to look for in a used Roadster to assess its quality. Tesla Motors tells me they won't do an inspection of a third party vehicle for liability reasons. I can't just take it to a "mechanic" for an inspection. The display shows an ideal range of 190mi which I believe shows "like new" battery life.

Any ideas from someone who bought a private party Tesla or long-term owners would be much appreciated?

Thanks in advance.

Augkuo | November 27, 2013
webzombie | November 27, 2013

thank you....

JeremyZ | November 27, 2013

That's weird because a service center said they were glad to inspect a car for me (for about $300). If Tesla won't do it for you, I'm sure they would do it for the current owner of the car; of course, you might have to pay the owner for the inspection.

David WILLIAMS | February 24, 2014

Did u see I have one for sale!