Newby raido question

Newby raido question

Just picked up my Model S on Friday, been playing and drving all weekend :)

Need some assistance regarding the radio function. When I am using regular old fasioned radio (I have six stations preset) and I use the forward / back buttons on the stering wheel, the tunner searchs for the next station. I would have thought, like most cars, when you use the forward button, you would move to your next preset station. Am I missing something?

Any constructive advise / assistance is welcome.

olanmills | May 6, 2013

Haha, I thought it would have worked that way too, but I don't know. I only have one AM preset and one FM preset, lol.

oakport | May 7, 2013

The Tesla media center works a little different from other cars. You will notice that there are several different "channels" or bands. When you have stations selected, say in radio:FM, your left thumb can toggle you forward or backward among the selected FM stations. However, there is much more to this system than meets the eye.

I must tell you that at 5 months I am just beginning to discover how vast the system is! I spend most of my listening time on the Internet stations, which number in the hundreds, if not thousands. Incidentally, when you land on a station that you like, press the "favorites" button. It appears as a little heart with a plus sign. This will create a favorites list that will span all of the different bands. Just select the heart in the upper left of the media screen and your favorites list will open up. When in the favorites band, your stealing wheel control will toggle up and down your selections.

This is probably more than you asked for, but then I am still in the "gushy" stage of my romance with my Tesla❗

Bob W | May 7, 2013

@Chris I agree it makes much more sense for the up/down buttons to jump between AM/FM presets than to scan to some unwanted station.

One shouldn't have to have the "Favorites" list displayed on the main screen for it to work that way (I think that is what @oakport is saying, but I'm not sure).

Scanning could be provided by HOLDING down the up or down button, one would think.

This suggestion is apparently (though not clearly) covered by "item e." on the Prioritized Software Enhancement List, or so I was told when I asked for the feature to be added to the list.

Cast your vote there if you have not done so already.

Tomas | May 7, 2013

VIN 133 and I have been bitching about this since the day I got the car in September, so thanks for bringing it up. Everybody needs to make this suggestion, which has to be a very easy change, so hopefully the whiz-kids at TM will make the change.
I read all the wish lists of things people want ( adaptive speed control, lane change assist or something like that, whatever.) and frankly for me, this the most obvious, and needed change... And it is a basic safety issue. Why look down to change the radio station when you can do it with the flip of a thumb.
Simple change,might impact, and every car has this feature. Come on Tesla, get in the stick.

ian | May 7, 2013

Not my Subaru. That's been a complaint of mine ever since I bought it.

Be encouraged by the thought that at least it can be added in the future on the S! ;-)

cgunias | May 8, 2013

Thanks everyone. Will add my voice to the list to get this resolved.

hamer | May 8, 2013

On my 1999 Acura 2.3 TL, the car I had before I got a Model S, the steering wheel radio controls worked exactly the same way: jumped to the next preset station. For that matter, the arrow on my Cambridge Soundworks stereo clock radio in my bedroom works exactly the same way.

kannan | September 18, 2013
Are you sure you are actually toggling through the favorites or is it that the appropriate line item gets highlighted when the scanned station is in your favorites? I ask because I am not able to get it to work this way in my model S.

@Bob W
How do I add my vote to the software list? Accessing that web site gets me "Access denied"?



Jaroslav | September 18, 2013

Hi is it possible to turn off the radio and how?.
Is there any cancled window or X to turn it off.
Thank you

Mireille and Conan | September 18, 2013

The radio is never actually "off" but you can mute it by pushing the left scroll button or turning the volume completely down on the touch screen.