News About Upcoming Production Model X Reveal Event

News About Upcoming Production Model X Reveal Event

Hello everyone. I thought it important to start a thread for reservation holders and others who hear rumors to post any news they discover about the upcoming event, and or about the Model X design studio going live. Sounds like from Elon's talk at the NAIAS that it will be a summer event ( I hope early summer ) and I'm guessing the website update will coincide. Saving up to surprise my wife with a Model X, so although unfortunate for you all the delays have been helpful in allowing me time to gather the funds! We will be Model X owners in 2016 so looks like we will go through half a year of jealousy watching you early reservation holders receive your cars later this year! Please post news about the reveal or the website as you hear it.

NumberOne | January 14, 2015

I really think that the studio will be live earlier. The lead time on manufacturing of Model S is more than 30 days, and Model X will be no different. I hope that the Design Studio will be live before April, but of course, only key Tesla employees actually have a real clue.

I think one reason why Tesla is holding back is to get the spotlight when it does come out. Having it at NAIAS would not have been the best for several reasons, the least of which is having to share the spotlight. | January 15, 2015

+1 @LeonardD: I think Tesla really wants 2-3 month order lead time not only to take into account the manufacturing lead time but also to enable the staging of deliveries by location. For example, if they want to have some deliveries in Asia or Europe in July, they will want to have design information nailed down by the end of April. If correct, that would mean that MX page will need to be updated in no more than 3 months.

jordan.hart | January 15, 2015

Great point George, I didn't think through that although they have this year ordered out, they still don't know the specifics of what they're going to build! Maybe Elon was referring to a summer launch event where they deliver first few vehicles to customers, not where they reveal design features and options. Thoughts?

vandacca | January 15, 2015

Since the first 1200+ Model-X built will be Signature series, can I assume that there is very limited customization involved? Does anyone have experience with the Model-S Signature cars? Other than color and maybe wheels, what else could you customize? I thought these first vehicles would simply be fully loaded.

Cattledog | January 15, 2015

Well, leather color, dash material, rear-facing seats, sound system, etc. a number of things. | January 15, 2015

Plus right hand vs. left hand drive and all that entails.

Red Sage ca us | January 15, 2015

Yup. That's why I was hoping the 'something else' at the Tesla Motors 'D' Event would be that the Model X Design Studio was open online. That way some very patient Customers could have had their cars by Christmas 2014. So now I am hoping for an April/May opening to allow for deliveries beginning in July/August.

aljjr2 | January 16, 2015

Same here Red Sage. Hoping the Reveal Event will be at least in April/May so builds (30-60) days would be June'ish. Recognizing the Signature Series are first.

There is a possibility that TESLA want to deliver some Signatures at the Reveal, which could make it later.

vandacca | January 16, 2015

From a marketing perspective, it would be better to spread out these events to generate a continuous buzz. For example
(a) Announce Model-X Production version
(b) a short time later, Announce Design Studio (although this may have little marketing benefit)
(c) a short time later, Announce Delivery Dates
(d) a short time later, Deliver first Signatures

Of course, TESLA could decide to do it differently. :) | January 16, 2015

@vandacca - I agree they'll want to space out releasing information about the Model X. I think the Design Studio will be very newsworthy though, as it will show the packaging and I assume pricing.

As far as revealing the MX, am I correct to assume Tesla will be forced to put their beta cars on public streets for testing at some point...soon? I'd imagine the risk of it being spotted is so great that there's no way they'd risk doing it without formally having the reveal event first, right?

This seems like a very different scenario from the D event where there's no way to distinguish a D version from any other MS on the road during testing. | January 16, 2015

For my money, MX events have already been spaced out or too spacey or Spacex or whatever...

jjs | January 16, 2015

OK. That's seals it. Kevin Spacey should be their spokesman.

jordan.hart | January 16, 2015

I just had this thought... An incredible commercial reveal during the super bowl would be pretty sweet. Kevin Spacey wouldn't be bad... any actor recommendations for the TV spot? What if it was a woman? I wouldn't mind a bit with Olivia Wilde or something... In the suit she wore in TRON...

ian | January 16, 2015

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Brian H | January 17, 2015

ModelX don't need no decorated dolls to sell it! It's doing its own wallet-teasing already.

jordan.hart | January 17, 2015

+1 Brian H

David Trushin | January 17, 2015

Jordan, i seem to recall an identical post about the superbowl las year at this time.

lroland425@gmail | January 17, 2015

"don't need no" vs don't need any.

Brian H | January 17, 2015

It's a joke, doof!

jordanrichard | January 18, 2015

Do you how many superchargers Tesla could build for the price of just 1, 30 second spot during the Super Bowl...... Money better well spent on other things.

Elon has already said that at least 1 year's worth of production of the X is already spoken for. This all before final production specs/price are even released. | January 19, 2015

Tesla has nothing to gain with a Super Bowl commercial this year, so I highly doubt we'll see one.

Over on TMC someone's "source" says January 29 to February 12 the reveal event will happen. In other words....soon.

Brian H | January 19, 2015

How to sell 10,000,000 Teslas:
First, make 10,000,000 Teslas.
Second, run a Superbowl ad?

SamO | January 19, 2015

lol Brian H

jordan.hart | January 19, 2015

That's great news! Finally a reliable source let's us know that it will be revealed soon!

jordanrichard | January 20, 2015

Elon said the Model X will be out this summer. That can be June, July or Aug. Also, by him saying "out", he may mean revealed.

ian | January 20, 2015

Q3 starts July 1. Deliveries will start in Q3. ;-)

vperl | January 21, 2015

Question, why spend any cash selling the MX ?

20,000 Plus MX on order, TENS of thousands to be reserved the week the X hits the hiway.

All without wasteful ads.

Wait for it, doubter's .

ian | January 22, 2015

Exactly. Or as the interweb says, +1.

vperl | April 9, 2015

The X stands still and the New Model S70D appears.

Concentrate on MX

aljjr2 | April 9, 2015

It seems the introduction of the 70D was an alignment of the chassis for the Model X. Now there is a standard Dual Motor, an intermediate 85KW Dual motor and performance Dual motor chassis. Seem a logical step in preparation for the X.

The site says all Dual Motor with multiple battery options. If fits and potentially steam-lines Tesla's manufacturing process. | April 9, 2015

I'm getting steamed waiting for more news of the MX. :-))

Brian H | April 9, 2015


rossRallen | April 10, 2015

Starving for Model X news.

No, I don't want to go to Fremont and test drive a S70 and learn about digital electric propulsion and take a factory tour. I'll do that when I pick up my MX in Fremont ...soon, I hope.

From some unremembered source, I've heard the the only MX event will be the delivery of the first production Signature units in July/August. No grand reveal as for the P85D. That's OK, I guess, but it's been a long and quiet wait for almost two years since I made my Sig reservation.

You know, I hoped there would be little more "join us in the journey to the MX launch", but that wasn't to be. I got a Christmas card last December.

sheilaboulton | April 10, 2015

I was really hoping for more news as well by now. I put a deposit down last year, at the end of September, as a surprise for my husband - hoping that by the time of his birthday mid-June there would at least be a brochure or approximate delivery date I could give him. So far all I got was the Christmas card, which I had to quickly hide. I think I am number 824 in Canada, don't know what that means as to how long it would take after the car is released before I would reach the top of the list!

krissu | April 13, 2015

Sheila, aim for Christmas with your gift to husband:) | April 13, 2015

@Sheila: September? I'm afraid you are going to have to give him a hockey puck with a Tesla logo on it next Christmas. Think Feb. or March 2016 in my ill-informed opinion. The puck will roll quietly like a Tesla. It will have no emissions like a Tesla and will be economical to own. It is also a lot cheaper...