Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Nick's glitch/due bill thread (P2698)

Hi all. I ** love ** my Model S (so much that I wrote a book about it.

But as a new car from a new factory from a new company it isn't perfect. This is a thread for me to keep track of the various glitches, due items and idiosyncrasies of my Model S (P2698, VIN 02298). Please comment if you feel like it, but it's really a place for me to post things and make them visible to TM.

Pearl White Performance with dark wheels, CF trim, and tech package.

Delivered 1/3/13
Initial issues:

no parcel shelf delivered 3/20
no footwell cover installed 2/10/13
rear offside tire wall damaged (looks like the tire was either run when flat, or damaged during install on the rim) replaced 1/25/13
passenger side rear seat belt drags part replaced 3/4/13
wrong wheel color on car display fixed 1/7/13
charge port cover intermittently won't open using touch screen and/or UMC button. Port clicks but does not spring open. fixed 2/10/13
was filthy when delivered, including wax pencil marks on windows detailed on 1/10/13
delivered with 4.0 software

01/07/13: The wheel color was fixed on a visit to service. Charge port problem could not be recreated during service visit, but subsequently reappeared.
01/10/13: Car was detailed on TM's nickel

Service Manager says they'll replace the tire next time I can go by the service center.

01/13/13: Today while driving the cruise control suddenly stopped working.

Stopped the car, powered it off and back on again and it started working again.

01/24/13: Had SunTek PPFC applied to full front (including lights), hood, front fenders, mirrors, all doors, rear impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels, and a strip below the rear lift gate.
01/25/13: Tesla Dania replaced the damaged tire, and tried to adjust the charge port. They made it worse. Now I can't get it to open except by forcing it.
01/26/13: Car forgot that the Energy widget was supposed to be in the left dash area, and when nav was canceled it showed blank instead.
01/26/13: doing a full range charge for the first time to see what range it shows. May be taking it on a long run in a couple of weeks.
01/29/13: upgraded to 1.19.42 and now have #VINISEMPTY instead of VIN on about screen.
01/30/13: a reboot fixed the VIN empty problem
02/03/13: washed car today and drivers door popped open of its own accord. Emailed Ownership. Charge port still intermittent, but improving.
02/10/13: got my dash cam installed today see this thread. Also had charge port door lubed again - seems OK, finally. Was going to get the rear seatbelt fixed but they hadn't ordered the part. Picked up the footwell cover.
03/04/13: cruise control failed for second time. Sent email to ownership.
03/20/13: parcel shelf delivered
04/03/13: updated to 1.25.40 (4.3)
04/06/13: P85 badge installed at Dania
07/17/13: visit to Dania to fix passenger door handles (reset controller), compressor noise (working as designed) and poor radio signal (could not reproduce); also tire rotation (not necessary)
07/19/13: Spectra Photosync film applied to windows. 75 on front; 35 elsewhere.
07/19/13: 'Car needs service' error. Called TM and they saw errors in the logs - low voltage
07/20/13: 12V battery replaced; DC-DC KET HVIL connectors replaced. Unrelated: rear axle nut and washers replaced.
07/22/13: noticed orange residue below both light clusters.
09/22/13: recurrence of orange staining below light cluster.
11/08/13: Into Dania to install rear cup holders. 5.6 installed (1.45.45). Replaced bolt on front crash structure. Rotated tires and aligned wheels. Received new trunk load floor.
[sometime in December] 5.8 (1.49.24) installed.
12/18/13: 5.8 (1.49.30) installed
12/19/13: Noticed delamination on rear view mirror.
02/11/14: 5.8.7 installed
02/13/14: Noticed a clicking from steering on full lock.
02/14/14: Tesla must be reading these forums. Got a note from Dania service saying there's a know issue and a fix for the clicking.
02/15/14: Steering fixed and mirror replaced at Dania. Both under warranty.
03/12/14: 5.8.8 installed
03/20/14: Front windshield cracked at driver's A-pillar. Insurance claim for replacement; Tesla didn't want to do it under warranty.
03/21/14: New front windshield installed.
04/13/14: Upgraded my dashcam to a BlackVue 550 2 channel (front and rear)
04/21/14: Underbody protection installed. Front rotors replaced (no more squeaking brakes!). 5.9 installed.
06/18/14: Button broke on Key Fob. Got replacement fob/reprogrammed at Dania.
10/16/14: Blew out sidewall on right rear tire; replaced both rears (13,500, 6/32). Center louvre replaced; vanity mirror cover replaced. 1.67.43 installed
11/03/14: New mats and A/C compressor acoustic blanket fitted; 1.67.80 installed.
02/??/15: 6.1 (2.2.115) installed OTA
02/07/15: Unplugged performance body kit installed

nickjhowe | October 5, 2014

Quick update: Running on 6.0 now, but no nav map update yet.

I have the car booked into Dania Beach on Nov 3 for a tire rotation, new mats (mine are still the original crappy ones), the acoustic blanket for the A/C compressor, and maybe handle replacements on the passenger side (I still have intermittent problems)

nickjhowe | October 7, 2014

BUGGER!!! (no pun intended)

Just discovered a bug in v6.0 - despite my car having 'Sleep Always' turned on, it isn't sleeping. This wouldn't be a problem, except it is currently at Miami airport and I'm in SF and by the time I fly home on Friday it won't have enough energy to get home. Looks like I'll be tracking down a charger on Plugshare and hoping it is working - or I'll be driving home at 25 mph up I-95.

Brian H | October 8, 2014

Call Service and see if they can make it sleepy from afar ...

KennyB@US-FL | October 8, 2014

Nick, there is charging at Mills Pond park in Ft. Lauderdale just along I-95 North. Not sure what time you're arriving on Friday, but you can stop by to charge at my house if necessary. I'm 1 block off US-1 in Oakland Park.

nickjhowe | October 8, 2014

Thanks Kenny. The Ranger went to the airport and reset the car, plus I'm now flying back early so should be OK.

SoCal Buzz | October 8, 2014

@nick, just curious how did you know it was not sleeping? Accessed via App and it hooked right up without "waking" first?

nickjhowe | October 8, 2014

Prior to 6.0, when plugged in I had it set to charge to 80% and it would charge to 211 miles, then cycle down to 208 or so and back up (while plugged in)

After 6.0, it was charging to 211 but cycling down as low as 202 before starting charging again, which was puzzling.

When I took it to the airport the other day, I didn't charge as high as I normally do, so only started with 143 miles which turned into 100 by the time I got to the airport.

I'd seen a few notes about excessive battery drain with 6, and I had some nagging suspicion that there might be something going on with my car, so 36 hours after leaving it at the airport I thought I'd check just to make sure. Instead of finding the 97 miles of range that it should have had after 36 hours it was down at 88. At that point I called Tesla.

Tesla confirmed that despite the car being set to 'sleep always', it hadn't been to sleep since 9/27.

NKYTA | October 8, 2014

Quick giving your MS amphetamines Nick, problem solved!

Pollux | October 9, 2014

Statements like this about Tesla service still stun me, even after experiencing Tesla service first-hand for the past year. Ranger goes to airport to reset car just so you won't have to worry about finding a charge when you get home. Wow!!!

nickjhowe | OCTOBER 8, 2014 NEW
Thanks Kenny. The Ranger went to the airport and reset the car, plus I'm now flying back early so should be OK.

sharkeyj | October 9, 2014

I am trying to patiently wait for my MS to come later this year, and hearing these great things about the service is really comforting.

GLO | October 9, 2014

Wow, I've had few issues in 30,000 miles with the Model S (alomost 2 yrs old). Can't wait for our Model X (dual motor!!). My list would be about 4 things outside of software upgrades which have been regular.

nickjhowe | October 16, 2014

Managed to blow out the sidewall of one of my rear tires yesterday (13,500 miles) when I rode over the end of a very low curb. No damage to the rim. Tesla picked the car up, took it to the SC and replaced both rear tires (the other one was down to about 5/32 so I asked them to take it off and give it to me as a spare in case something happened again). Tires (Conti Extreme Contact DW 21's) were $425 each including fitting.

They also trimmed up the wheel well linings per the SB and spotted some cracking around the visor vanity mirror cover hinges so replaced those.

During a review of the vehicle log they found some thermal faults and traced it back to one of the front louvres not opening so they replaced them.

They also updated the car to 1.67.43

nickjhowe | November 6, 2014

Just had the car updated to 1.67.80 at the Dania service center while it was in for new mats and the acoustic blanket fitting to the A/C compressor.

sbeggs | November 6, 2014

That's the version that they mentioned last Saturday at San Diego Service Center. After they replaced the front passenger door handle so quickly, we just declined to wait around to install it, choosing instead to return home (or rather, to San Diego Wine company's siren call).

Hasn't shown up for Wi-Fi download and install in our home garage yet.

Is it primarily a bug fix or can you see anything different?

nickjhowe | November 8, 2014

Just another bug fix I think.

sbeggs | November 8, 2014


nickjhowe | November 8, 2014

Just discovered a 'feature' of Maps in 6.0 (1.67.80) - the maps will not stay zoomed in to either of the most zoomed in levels if you are going over 55 mph and have cruise control enabled. After 30 seconds the map auto zooms out to zoom level 3. Am going to drop a note to Ownership.

Also just had my first charging problem - charging at home suddenly stopped with a red ring showing. Unlocked, unplugged, reinserted and it is charging OK. Hopefully just a one-off glitch.

Shesmyne2 | November 8, 2014

Acoustic blanket?? Do tell more?

Still Grinning!! :-) :-)

Brian H | November 9, 2014

Sound deadening as close to source as possible.

nickjhowe | November 12, 2014

Tesla called me yesterday and told me it is time to change my 12V battery again - no messages in the car; I guess something showed up in the logs. Am traveling so can't get it done for a couple of weeks; hopefully it will last OK until then.

nickjhowe | November 24, 2014

12V battery replaced successfully. No explanation as to why.

nickjhowe | December 1, 2014

Rear passenger door handle failed tonight. Been troublesome from the beginning. Ranger coming tomorrow to replace it.

NKYTA | December 1, 2014

@nick, when we were up in Tahoe our rear passenger door handle wouldn't open the door. We could open it from the inside handle. We'll get it taken care of at our 2 birthday in less than a month.

Odd timing. ;-)

NKYTA | December 1, 2014


nickjhowe | December 3, 2014

Handle replaced. The only thing I don't like is that whereas the inside of the old handles are flush with the bodywork giving a nice clean look even when the handles are extended, the new handles are recessed. This gives the handles a more natural 'pull' feel when you use them, but it doesn't look as nice (and to me at least) is noticeably different as only one of the four was replaced:

NKYTA | December 3, 2014

Hmm...thanks @nick. I'll ask Burlingame, going in for 2 yr pretty soon.

NKYTA | December 3, 2014

Question though, would you be 90% happy if all four were the same, or no?


nickjhowe | December 3, 2014

90% yes. They don't look as good, and I never had a problem with the lack of movement on the old ones. I would have preferred an original.

The recess means the gap between the back of the handle and the door is slightly narrower, and since I have PPF on the doors the backs of your fingers feel the edge of the PPF. The handle also pulls in slightly when you close the door; I thought it was going to close on my fingers the first time I closed it (and yes, I know it is spring loaded and won't hurt but it was still a surprise.)

NKYTA | December 3, 2014

Right, we had the drivers rear door fixed up and had a "learning experience" in that it was different with the pull-in (and at the pull-in point, you can't re-open right away). Of course as a two person Tesla family, we don't use it that often. Though my drivers rear side handle doesn't look nearly as narrow as your pics, it looks like the others, except the handle light is slightly different.

No PPF here. What is PFF, he wonders? ...? protective film...

So, maybe I'll suggest to Johnny at Burlingame, "if you change one more, change 'em all to be the same".

Thanks again for helping us oldies and the newbies out with all that you do. Cheers!

PBEndo | December 4, 2014

Nick, is it a new handle design or did they merely install the handle improperly so that it doesn't extend "all the way" leaving a gap?

nickjhowe | December 4, 2014

@PBE - new handle design. Next time I'm in WPB I'm going to get Byrone to take a look. I might ask them if they'll swap all the handles to match.

PBEndo | December 4, 2014

Does it stay cool in the heat?

nickjhowe | December 11, 2014

Haven't had chance to test that yet, but I never had an issue with my old handles.

PBEndo | December 11, 2014

I thnk it is mainly an issue with the darker colors. Mine is blue and the handles get hot. Since yours is white, it may not be a problem.

nickjhowe | July 23, 2015

Updated to SW v2.4.253 yesterday via OTA.

nickjhowe | December 16, 2015

Updated to 2.7.40 and had LTE upgrade done at WPB service center
Two weeks ago had Seat Belt recall safety check.
Annual service performed. Two new tires (replacing original tires, 24,000 miles)

nickjhowe | December 17, 2015

Meant 2.9.40

nickjhowe | January 9, 2016

Updated to 7.1 (2.9.154) via OTA

nickjhowe | March 11, 2016

Updated to 7.1 (2.12.45) via OTA (sometime in Feb)
New Nav maps downloaded 23 Feb
Updated to 7.1 (2.12.126) via OTA 26 Feb

11 Mar 2013 at WPB Service Center
New Motor (to cure 60 mph hum and low speed clunk)
Updated to 7.1 (2.13.120)
ODO: 28100

nickjhowe | December 4, 2016

Mar 18-Sep 16, 2016 - seven different versions of 7.1

October 13, 2016 Upgraded to 8.0 (2.42.40)
November 15, 2016 Upgraded to 8.0 (2.44.130)

December 1, 2016 . Odo: 35,000
Car was in for four year service at Dania Beach SC. Everything A-OK. Firmware updated to 8.0 (2.46.16)
For some reason SC used Conti Sport Contact instead of Conti Extreme Contact tires - trying to find out why.

Tropopause | December 4, 2016


The Conti-Sport have the Conti-Silent foam insulator which reduce road noise by 10db, however the traction rating is a bit lower (marginally) than the Extreme Contact tires. The tread wear rating is, however, better (marginally) on the Conti-Sports.

My SvC claimed the reverse scenario when I purchased new tires but when I arrived they had actually installed the correct tires I desired- the Conti-Sports. Was just a paperwork mix-up.