No 40kWh for Europe?

No 40kWh for Europe?

Hi i just saw on the other Tesla forum a hint about Tesla not offering the 40kWh option in Europe.
I changed region settings on this page a few times and tried Swiss, Norway, Denmark and none of them had a 40kWh option but the UK did.

What do you think about this?

Jolinar | December 6, 2012

maybe Tesla analysed US sales of 40kWh and saw that too few people buy it and they have too low margin on it... I'm just guessing...

Jolinar | December 6, 2012

and for UK it's a bug :D

Brian H | December 6, 2012

Too low a margin of superiority over all other competition?

EK | December 6, 2012

Well, I think it sucks. This car costs allot but some people could have stretched for the 40kWh over the Leaf or car of similar prize. But now it will only be a car for people were money is no issue.

Timo | December 6, 2012

I think there will be GenIII car which is not that far from Model S soon enough that those that could have bought 40kWh version get a bit better deal with GenIII.

Jackie425 | December 7, 2012

As Tesla seems to not to want to tell us how much it will cost in Europe the suggestion that it is only for those where money is no issue is a moot point. There are some interesting discussions on the Tesla motor club forum about how people have managed to calculate that the Model S is not so expensive as it first seems, that is, once you factor in the lower costs due to no petrol/diesel fuel bills, low maintenance, government subsidies etc. So come on Tesla, give us the long awaited prices and let people like EK work out if they can afford one after all.

Ad van der Meer | December 7, 2012

@Timo With money in the game for 2.5 years I hope you can understand my disappointment if this is true.

EK | December 7, 2012

GenIII is 3-4 years away from Europe and some people have already been waiting for 2-3 years.

Europe still has financial crisis, they can not just use Norway as a price bar, Car sales are down all over Europe.

Jolinar | December 7, 2012

yes, and some countries don't even offer any subsidies or tax rebates for EVs like US... I guess that in my country 95% of people (including politicians) don't know that any EVs exists :D