Noob forums q: these forums vs tmc forums? stereotypes, what info where, etc

Noob forums q: these forums vs tmc forums? stereotypes, what info where, etc

I just placed my order yesterday and I've been spending hours reading here and at tmc. These forums seem to be more populated. What other differences are there? Is there any difference in general quality? Is there any difference in quality for particular types of information (ordering process vs after-delivery problems vs driving)? Where are events like rallies announced?

Brian H | June 15, 2013

This forum is bare-bones in terms of organization and facilities. TM uses both, though it has no control over TMC. Rallies are announced wherever the organizers decide, usually both.

GeekEV | June 16, 2013

I use these forums because I can't make time to read both and I figure the manufacturer's official forums is "the place to be". But the forum software here is bare bones, at best. Anything of any significance from TMC will likely get cross posted here anyway.

johnnicastro | June 16, 2013

Anyone know who is prime supplier for the coachwork for the S?

I looks a lot like a Maserati.

Brian H | June 16, 2013

Raw aluminum rolls enter the factory, and the body is built in-house from stampings etc. TM vertically integrates wherever possible.

olanmills | June 17, 2013

I seem to like these forums more for some reason. It's probably because we get perpetual motion posts here. That doesn't happen on TMC so much.

I think I really enjoy it when some new guy makes a post about perpetual motion, thinking that he is some genius with an idea that no one has ever thought of.

J.T. | June 17, 2013


And then there are those that post to the over 200 post thread about June 20th who think that battery swapping might just be the big announcement. I understand that you don't want to read through 220 posts before posting your idea, but, jeez, read three of them and you'll see it's been done.