NY Gov. Cuomo in favor of revived anti-Tesla store legislation

NY Gov. Cuomo in favor of revived anti-Tesla store legislation

Dramsey | March 1, 2014

I await the outraged comments about stupid New Yorkers, and what flaming hypocrites Democrats like Cuomo are, saying they support "green technology" and then pulling stunts like this.


Still waiting. Well, I guess it only applies to Texas and Texans.

Brian H | March 1, 2014

Cuomo is a puppet of various special interests, from green to grey. A D-bag of lib hypocrisy. Elections have consequences, and he's a very unfortunate one.

carlgo | March 1, 2014

Maybe Tesla is wrong about this.

Today's model of having a few showrooms in hideously expensive upscale malls, a few scattered service centers, long-range towing and service calls and of course the lack of decent in-town charging options is simply not going to cut it when Tesla is marketing and selling millions of vehicles.

It might make better sense to combine showrooms, service centers, delivery hubs and some extensive in-city Superchargers into one facility, call it a dealership where you must, arrange for an "ownership group" to "own" it and sell for "invoice" just as the other dealers do. Free delivery of course.

I'm not seeing how anything changes for Tesla because they will need the facilities anyway. The other dealers...they are pretty much screwed anyway when Teslas become affordable and charging is convenient everywhere.

Mel. | March 1, 2014

What does that have to do with the Governor?

carlgo | March 1, 2014

I learned the hard way not to turn left-handed threads to the right, or right-handed threads to the left. All I care about is if they they will hold the wheel on securely so that it would not come adrift.

Now, I simply spit on them, screw them in their natural direction, apply the right torqued and don't give them any further thought.

I have found that the Mighty Right Hands of Money twist the wings of nuts to the right and the Mighty Left Hands of Money twist them to the left. Both nuts are indeed screwed on tight and won't budge.

I won't write further without payment. And because I am not a celebrity and nobody cares about my views. Now, if I married a Kardashian...people would seek my wiseness.

And I have to go out and practice my golf swing cuz I turn back too far to my right and slide foreword to my left too much. I need to stay balanced and try to turn as if in a barrel and stay centered. All the good golfers do that and those who are out of balance are just hacks.

Oh, and this forum is about Tesla and I hope I got it on track for one post at least. The Dealership thing. Maybe it isn't a problem. That is all.

Brian H | March 1, 2014

I think your nuts are screwed! And all that. And your thoughts are thready. Whacks on, whacks off. >:)

kenj | March 2, 2014

There is some research being done on this. Will not have additional information until Monday.

bevguy | March 2, 2014

All Tesla stores are not located in expensive malls. The one I went to in Atlanta is in a definitely non fancy office park. The mall idea may have been mostly an early California thing, because new ones are going up in cheaper locations.

And I agree the present model while fine for well off early adapters who likely have more than one car is not best for mass market gen 3. But Tesla is in the process of fixing that with more Service Centers and Superchargers. There will be plenty of both by 2017 to 2018.

PapaSmurf | March 2, 2014

With the internet model they don't need a ton of showrooms. The customers are their sales force.

However they will need more service centers when the Model E is selling at 200,000+ per year. It really depends on the distribution of the customer base.

I think it is certainly something they can scale into.

Mel. | March 3, 2014

kenj, looking forward to your research on the Governor,. I hope you do not mind, but I wonder if you are working for the state of NY, and trying to get Cuomo to reverse his position.

Do you think ,if he became President , that he would try to ban Tesla from selling cars direct?

kenj | March 7, 2014

I do not work for the State of NY -- I am trying to confirm what was reported as it conflicts what is actually in Governor Cuomo's budget, what has been the policy under his Administration.

I also have direct contact with members in the state Legislature.

The entire idea of a change in operation is right in line with the changes in how government operates. Reducing layers of government = changing the car dealership model.

gdubcobra1 | March 7, 2014

Is someone keeping tract of all the anti-tesla officials so we can vote them out of their positions on election day?

Captain_Zap | March 8, 2014

The dealership model as it stands is wasteful. There are lots full of unsold vehicles that take up prime real estate. In our area the car lots are sitting on former wetlands and farmland.
The dealership model as it is today is outdated.

Brian H | March 8, 2014

Yep, and what is the benefit that those lot-fulls offer, that justifies their existence? Convenience and choice, so that the consumer can drive away with something approximately matching his needs.

Already, the wait for an MS is down to a few weeks. No finished product inventory required, but what there is that comes on the market snapped up instantly. There will develop a very hot market in used Teslas, but the accumulation of parked cars waiting for buyers will be small.