"Other" Differences Between 85 v. P85D

"Other" Differences Between 85 v. P85D

Besides the published differences: Dual motor, red brake calipers, ulcerate headliner, performance suspension

What are the other real world differences:

- Any major differences in software or features?

- Many P85D's are reported to come with Yacht floor, even if premium interior was not ordered


rmg007 | January 9, 2015

Also with P85D, ability to order next generation seats and carbon fiber spoiler | January 9, 2015

P85D has three performance buttons (software): Normal (not yet released), Sport, and Insane. These do not appear in any other model.

rmg007 | January 9, 2015

P85D has motor that closes charge port door automatically if left open when entering vehicle.

geekdad.604 | January 9, 2015

P85D average power draw for me is ~390-430Wh/mi or 260-290Wh/km but that comes with bigger smiles and better giggles.

- Not sure about ulcerate headliner but the Alcantara is great.
- I believe all new MS get automatic charge port doors now.
- Next gen seats in colors other than black are "unicorns" at this point in time.
- Included yacht floor w/ matched trim is confirmed with P85D but this may not be exclusive to just P85D's going fwd.

tezzla.SoCal | January 9, 2015

"- Next gen seats in colors other than black are "unicorns" at this point in time."

I have the Next Gen Grey seats (delivered on 12/30)

geekdad.604 | January 9, 2015

@Tezzla, then you have unicorn... what are you smoking? ;)

I've seen early next gen seats that had terrible stitching and seams that didn't line up properly... how are yours?

I haven't heard from my DES on when I can expect mine, they said "soon" at delivery. New premium seats aren't bad, much better than the seats with partial Alcantara but still not enough bolstering.

tezzla.SoCal | January 9, 2015

I only have the fronts, the rears are the old style. I haven't really closely inspected them.

rmg007 | January 9, 2015

@geekdad.604, anymore info on the yacht floor becoming standard issue in all Model S? My understanding is that it is hit or miss on whether a P85D delivers with yacht flooring.

Also, my understanding is that currently only the P85D contains a motor to automatically close the charge port door. All other models close manually.

What about the accelerator and brakes pedals? I believe P85D has metal pedals.

Yes, I meant Alcantara headliner.

geekdad.604 | January 9, 2015

Mine are aluminum pedals. Didn't know that was unique to the P85D.
The auto-close and touch-open charge port door is handy. One less thing to deal or fumble with.

For the deliveries I saw at my SC, all the P85D's had yatch floors that matched the dash trim (there's a carpet matching the curtains joke in there) :). I didn't look at the config sheets for them however.

Best person to answer your questions would be your local Owner Advisor, particularly if you tell them you're about to order and need clarification.

For me, performance and next gen seats were the reason I went P85D; my daily driver needs to be a good source of entertainment and the P85D delivers.

btd97001 | January 10, 2015

There are no steering wheel settings in the P85D, whereas in the 85 you can change from Comfort/Standard/Sport.

Brian H | January 10, 2015

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teslabayarea | January 10, 2015

How does the charge port open automatically?
In the morning when I go to my P85D I cannot pull out the charger, even if I click the button.
I have to walk up towards the door so then it senses me then walk to the charge port then click the button and then it allows me to release the power cable from the car.

AoneOne | January 10, 2015

By design, you cannot remove the charging cable if the car is locked. You can unlock it by waking near the driver's door, or double-click the top button of the fob.

Bighorn | January 10, 2015

Car needs to be unlocked for cable button to work, otherwise it's locked so others can't mess with it.

NomoDinos | January 10, 2015

Teslabayarea - haha, I had the exact same thought this morning! I couldn't pull the charger out and though, "Great, now I'm going to have to call Tesla service and be late for work". Fortunately my key fob automatically unlocked the doors for me :)

greggmck | January 11, 2015

I picked up my P85D two weeks ago and here are my impressions related to the P85+ I owned for 9 months. I traded in my P85+ and Tesla gave me 80% of the purchase price minus the $7500 tax incentive (which I thought was pretty fair).

P85D has Alcantera leather on about the first 6" of dash. I like this as it looks nice and reduces glare.

The cruise, shift and turn signal stack has been redesigned with the combo turn signal and wiper control now above the cruise control stalk. With the cruise control lever below the turn signal there is less tendency to engage the cruise when one wants to indicated a turn. I like the new configuration better.

Front door sills on D have a nice Model S brushed aluminum plate, somewhat improved over the P85+

The next-gen seats are fantastic. Feel like Recaro seats.
The rear Next-gen seats are not available yet, but Tesla will retrofit when they come in.

I ordered the carbon interior and the car came with a carbon yacht floor instead of the carpet. I did not order the center console as I have become a fan of having all that space between seats for glasses, hats, small bags, or other items I may occasionally need.

I ordered the panoramic roof and the cross bar is covered in Alcantera leather, on the P85+ it was black plastic.

Insane mode has an improved sport/track like suspension feel. The Model S now deals like a real sports car.

Acceleration in Sport mode is not much different than my P85+ at any speed. Insane mode is... well insane. Significantly faster 0-30, somewhat faster 30+ than the P85+. Traction on the D is MUCH improved. I live in Seattle and this time of year the roads are almost always wet. On all but perfectly dry roads the P85+ would experience wheel spin on hard acceleration. I really have to mash the pedal to break the wheels loose on the D.

I have heard people say the cars have different sounds. I can't say that has been my experience. Both cars have the subtle whine when accelerating.

Frunk is very small on D.

All in all, I am VERY happy with my upgrade to the P85D. I love the new seats, improved control stack, and most importantly the sportier handling and acceleration.

When Tesla delivers the 1000hp P100D (0-60 in 2.1 sec) with wider rear wheels/wells I will be the first in line for that one too! :)

Bighorn | January 11, 2015

Nice write up. I think the P85d is a must-acquire for me, but I'm trying to be a little patient as I can't see selling the P85+ just yet and I haven't hooked my wife on it enough to make it a hand-me-down.

spacecadet | January 11, 2015

We got our S85 on 12/30/14, and the yacht flooring was included even though we didn't order it. We were told it is now standard. :-)

damonmath | January 11, 2015

I also received free upgraded yacht flooring in my S 85.