P85 Delivery tomorrow

P85 Delivery tomorrow

I started a thread about two weeks ago trying to decide between the P85 and straight 85 model. At that time, some of you may recall, I decided to save the money, stick with the 85, keep the 19" wheels and look forward to a late June delivery. Of course, spending an inordinate amount of time on these and other forums would help to pass the time and keep me sane.

During one of my final calls to Tesla, I inquired about any inventory cars they might have. Guess what, they had the exact car I ordered, but P85 and with 21" black wheels ready for delivery in about a week, with about 500 miles on it. Viewing this as divine intervention to get the P85 :-) over the standard 85, I said yes and I should be picking it up tomorrow.

I kind of like the idea that the car has a few miles on it, has been driven by a Tesla engineer multiple times (maybe the trunk will be tight), and I won't be finding the first of any major system faults. Plus, I get a pre 10,000 VIN!

Kind of worked out well. While I don't yet have the car, the folks (one in particular) at Tesla who has been helping me with this process are awesome. They were constantly communicating with me every step of the way. I was totally deadset against the spoiler, and this car was slated to be built with one. But, it hadn't been applied yet(again back to the divine intervention comment), so my contact at Tesla literally held them off of doing it. Talk about going the extra mile.

My HPWC showed up today and I will be ready to go tomorrow when I get the car. I've just been really impressed thus far.


ramtaz | May 9, 2013

Congratulations! Sounds like the timing was perfect!. And TESLA rep was on top of his game.
Last month,I received an email from TESLA , advising me of the inventory cars, I replied with my design but their replies were very slow (,no extra mile for me),Still waiting.
So now ,I am waiting for delivery at the end of May for my original order design.

David M. | May 9, 2013

Congrats! That sounds like a winner. You will certainly enjoy your new Model S. Have fun!!

carlf9121 | May 9, 2013

Congratulations!!! I have a black P85 but was convinced by my family to stay with the 21" silver rims, just like what is shown at the Santana showroom. I like the cool Batman stealth look but I was concern about long term care of the grey rims having curb rash, exposing the silver stock & detering the cool look (the rims are painted grey over the silver rims). When I looked at the rims on the demo cars at the showroom, the rims have severe curb rash. TM hasn't yet come out with a paint kit to repair curb rash on the grey rims. Others I have spoken with at the Fremont Service Center that have cases of curb rash on the grey rims is to have them repaired. They have a service supplier on record that does an excellent repair job for a few hundred dollars.

I picked up my car on Mar 17 and still waiting for new shipment of carbon fiber spoiler to mount on the hatchback lid.

Enjoy the Experience!!

TheAustin | May 9, 2013

Jason, that's awesome...I think you'll be happy you went with the P85. I'm sure you (and many other people) would be satisfied with the 85, but knowing you have the top of the line version, and then getting to drive and experience it are things you will appreciate every time you set foot in the car. It's expensive either way, but to me, I would feel like I was missing out on something if I didn't get the Performance version...And $80-90k is still a lot of money to spend and feel like you were mission out on something.
Did they give you anything with regards to taking a car with 500 miles on it?

yodasminion | May 9, 2013

I was wondering how to contact Tesla regarding these "inventory" vehicles. Is there a list, or is the only way to find out about them by talking to Tesla directly on the phone?

nickjhowe | May 9, 2013

Congrats! Even though it's been driven by TM, don't forget the Model S delivery checklist. Better to be sure.

jasonsc | May 9, 2013

I've already printed out the checklist and have it on my desk to take with me!

I figured I would see how the wheels go and move to 19s if necessary.

I just called tm and ended up working with an awesome representative and she really went the extra mile! She even stopped them from putting the spoiler on as that was a deal breaker for me.

Hope I can sleep tonight!

carlf9121 | May 9, 2013


If you are lined up for the carbon fiber spoiler & do not want it, I'll take it. I've been waiting for this item since Mar 17. I just called the Fremont SC & they said there are none in stock with no fixed date for receipt of new stock.
My VIN is P07200. If you can have the carbon fiber spoiler held for my VIN, then I can contact Kyle or Jack at the Fremont SC to see if I can schedule to have it mounted on my car.
Appreciate the gesture if this is possible. Thanks.

Brian H | May 9, 2013

Apparently dental floss solves the unwanted spoiler issue.

jasonsc | May 9, 2013

@carlf9121 I will see if they have the spoiler there or if they put it back into whatever circulation they use. If I have it, I will send it your way....

Dental floss...


carlf9121 | May 9, 2013

Thanks. Looking forward to the possibility.

ian | May 10, 2013

Dental floss and a hair dryer!

With some goo gone and car wax to clean up. ;-)

I believe it's held on with double sided sticky tape. Is this correct?

ian | May 10, 2013

Oh yeah. Great story Jason! Enjoy the car!

I have some nice summer wheels/tires for my car that I curbed pretty bad last year. Ugh. I was just gutted. I need to replace the tires soon anyway and will have them repaired then. Hopefully they can match the original color.

It's not a great feeling, but they can be fixed. I liken the feeling to hitting a rock on your nice skis for you skiers out there.