Paint Armor Finally Completed

Paint Armor Finally Completed

In a previous post several months ago I noted that Tesla skimped out on their paint armor by not doing the door edges, headlights and fog lights.

Well today my buddy from Force Field completed the paint armor as noted above and even installed Diamond Lane (CA. HOV) sticker panels. The sticker panels protect the pain so when they expire I just remove the paint armor and leave the paint on the car instead of the back of the sticker.

If you live in the South Bay Area and are interested in this package, for $120.00 installed at your home, you can contact Gregg Sims at (408) 691-6791 or email him at

I have had Force Field (Gregg) do all of my cars since 2004 and have been completely satisfied with the materials and workmanship. He stands behind his work.

If interested just give him a call or email directly. If you do participate then come back and post about your experience.

craigi | April 15, 2013


Brant | April 15, 2013

pictures please

lov2krz | April 15, 2013

I haven't set up a photo sharing account yet so sorry no photos.

lov2krz | April 16, 2013

Brant: i was thinking about your request for photos. The paint armor is clear so it won't show up in a photo.

Brant | April 16, 2013

Thats kinda the point
If you cant tell its there its a good job and worth looking into
I didn't get the Tesla product because of the visible lines

smd | April 16, 2013

After 3 months with my MS, I also had the headlights, fogs, and door edge completed that was not in the paint armor package. I had it done when tinting the windows and it was $100 extra by Vince at Omega Werks in Pleasanton. He showed me that there were already small nicks in the headlights, but after he covered them, you couldn't notice them any more. I've also started to notice small nicks on the paint armor itself on the hood and other places around the car if I look very carefully.

lov2krz | April 17, 2013

Glad you found a cheaper price, but Gregg comes to your house or place of business which has to be worth his time and travel.

The whole idea of the paint armor is to protect the paint. If the armor gets too nicked up then those pieces can be changed out.

Force Field also does complete paint armor kits and can do the full front end. If I knew he had the kits when I purchased the car I would have had him do the entire job for a lot less than the $950 I paid TM and the $120 I paid him to finish what Tesla should have done.

I wonder if the armor (when purchased with the car) is covered under the warranty or service plans. I'll ask when I'm in service today.