Pairing old Smasung fold-up "dumb" phone to MS?

Pairing old Smasung fold-up "dumb" phone to MS?

My wife loves her old "clunker" phone. It pairs easily with our 2009 Chevy pickup.
It stops short of pairing with our MS, asking for a code which is not forthcoming from the MS Bluetooth interface. The car interface just sits there "spinning".

My Droid Razor pairs and connects pronto. No problem.

Any ideas? We have been to the Menlo Park service ctr with no ideas found. And they really treat us well and are very knowledgeable. Verizon was at a loss, and loved the car!

My wife tried to adapt to a modern smart phone, but is unable to deal with the small keyboards and need for manual agility. She even tried a stylus. No go. She can negotiate a tablet, especially with a Bluetooth keyboard.

She is "the communicator" and it would help a lot if her old phone could be connected to our MS on trips- which we both enjoy enormously! ( don't know where that ihc came from and can't erase it... weird)

nickjhowe | January 28, 2013

Don't know the actual answer, but the typical pairing code is 0000 - have you tried that?

Hills | January 28, 2013

I have the exact problem of NOT able to pair Samsung Convoy flip phone. Yes, I have iPHone also, but the flip phone is far superior for voice, in the car. I went to the Menlo Park store, been on the phone with ownership experience, but no go. The service manager at Menlo Park can't get help from headquarters. The phone sees the Tesla, but Tesla usually does not see the phone. I have tried to pair the phone 20 times w/o success.

stevenmaifert | January 28, 2013

@reitmanr - My wife and I both have Verizon Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m flip phones of similar vintage. I finally got them to pair. Here is what was happening. I would put the MS phone app into discover mode and then go to the K1m's Bluetooth function and tell it to add new device. The phone would see MS, but MS would not see the phone. The car interface just sat there "spinning" like you experienced. After much tinkering, I noticed that when I brought up the Bluetooth function on the phone, there was a settings function accessed by the right softkey. The settings function had two options. 1) My Phone Name and 2) Discovery Mode. Discovery mode had on and off bullets that could be selected. I selected on, hit the OK button and the readout said "Discovery on for 3 minutes. Other devices can find you". After a second or two, the MS phone app saw the phone. I selected it on the touchscreen and entered code 1234 on the phone and they paired up. So the takeaway here is look for something on the phone in the Bluetooth section that will put it in discover mode separate from "Add New Device".