Pathetic charge timer & lack of HVAC timer

Pathetic charge timer & lack of HVAC timer

I've had my MS 40/60 for 10 days with no problems. Being a Leaf owner for 15 months, I was shocked by the lack of timers for charging and preheating/cooling. The Leaf allows weekend and weekday start and stop timers for charging. If only a stop time is selected, the timer makes it's own estimate of the time required to finish by the selected stop time. It usually finishes a bit early, but ensures you have a full charge by the programmed time. It also allows optimization of TOU power rates. The A/C and heat can also be pre-programmed to start at specific times. Even better, the A/C and heat can be set remotely with the phone app. or internet to start at any selected time. eg I decide to leave at a particular time today so I program the HVAC to start 15 minutes before I plan to leave using the internet or my smartphone app. With the Tesla, I must remember to start the HVAC at 15 minutes before I leave, but being an old f..t, I forget and have to leave with a very hot or cold car. These capabilities were available from day 1 on the Leaf

Compared to the Leaf, the MS timer is retarded. Hopefully these simple capabilities will be added soon in an update.

stevenmaifert | June 27, 2013

Same boat... both a Leaf and a ModS owner. Say what you will about the Leaf, but there are some things it does better.

AmpedRealtor | June 27, 2013

@ lazyav8tr, fortunately everything you talk about is software and those features can be added without any problem. You should send your suggestion to Tesla. Send them an email with a feature request.

Sudre_ | June 27, 2013

I agree those sound like great additions.

Like Amped said, they are software features. I am sure Tesla will continue to add more software features as time goes by. I have already seen the upgrades since February.

How many updates and extra software apps has your Leaf received in the time you've had it? That is a serious question. Any at all?

michael1800 | June 27, 2013

I prefer to keep it simple and not have to input off and on times, when I can just type a 'start charge' time and be ready for 99% of situations. Begrudgingly, I can also see how a more robust scheduling system would be a big help to other people (hopefully, if it happens, they could keep a simple mode option for folks as well). However, the climate control start timer sounds like a big win for almost everyone. Yes please.

KendallPB | June 27, 2013

The A/C works so well, I rarely regret not starting it. The few times I've started it before entering the car, just a minute or two was sufficient. 15 minutes ahead? Does the Leaf have a weak A/C? Have you really needed a 15-minute cool-down in the Model S (I never have, even when the app told me it was 112 inside and 88 outside, or something along those lines) . . . or are you just used to at 15-minute cool-down and believe you need that much?

No disrespect intended--I'm genuinely curious. I've been happy with how strong the A/C is, how quickly things cool off (by how they feel, not the temp read-out, which seems inaccurate in every brand of car I've ever been in), etc.

Maybe you're just in a super-hot area, much hotter than where I am, or maybe your Model S's A/C is not working well.

(Of course, as others say, good idea, should be an easy software upgrade, etc. I'm not dissing your idea! I'm just surprised at your vehemence when I've found the car so comfortable and quick to cool off.)

TFMethane | June 28, 2013

I was at the Barstow supercharger (which isn't shaded) so I just left the sunroof open in 115 degree heat to keep the interior from getting even hotter than that. Closed the sunroof and turned on the AC from the chilis bar, and 5 min later it was cool as spring in there.

If it's a really hot day, I bet you'd remember to do it ahead of time.

Having said that, these would be nice features.

ddruz | June 28, 2013

I drove a Leaf for 20 months before getting my MS and must agree with the OP that the Leaf timer is markedly superior to the MS and allows for much greater flexibility.

ChristianG | June 28, 2013

it's shocking how Long they take to bring on such 'simple' things like decent timers. They have the possibility to do that with the app already. All they Need to so build is a bit of timer Software... there are no obvious hidden difficulties like there might be with the sleep mode...

PaceyWhitter | June 28, 2013

All of those changes would be welcome, but they are not necessities.

While I don't know how they handle priorities I would much perfer that they focus on sleep mode over timer updates (if they can't do both at the same time)

bt77057 | July 10, 2013

For those that want to stay within TOU windows, a stop timer is very helpful. I will be sending in a request also.

shamrockceo | July 10, 2013

I think it may be time for Tesla to beef up it's software development team. How can you be an electronics-centric car company valued at around 14 billion dollars and have only 9 software developers? I understand the need to make profits, but Tesla has incredible profit margins compared to any other car company in existence. They could very easily triple their software development team and and barely make a speck of a scratch in their profits.

Hopefully they will soon, there needs to be much faster updates and new features from what I've been reading on this forum.

Captain_Zap | July 11, 2013

They are working on those features.

The vampire load has been the biggest issue that has been getting negative attention and they are working on that update now. I think that once they roll out that the vampire slayer they will start work again on the comfort and convenience updates that we used to get quite frequently.