Prioritized Software Enhancement List Progress

Prioritized Software Enhancement List Progress

I thought that we should acknowledge the work Tesla did on the software enhancement wish list that Rod and Barbara facilitated. This list does not include 30 enhancements that were accomplished prior to 6.0.

Tesla accomplished on this update, or other recent updates: #1, #4, #7, #8, #12, #14, #23, #27, #28, #30, #38, #50, #66, #75, #76, #80, #81 ,#85, #89, #96, #102, #111 and #112.

Partial implementation of these features: #2, #15, #16, #29, #52, #90, #164

I'm not sure how #17 differs from the existing walk away door locking. #18 is not clear to me either. Is #41 lane departure warning? It isn't clear how #65, #75, #87 differs from what we already had.

I am not sure of the status of #39, #43, #46,#55 #63, #71,#105, #109, #116, #120, #139 and #140. Has anyone checked recently?

This doesn't count a number of other options that Tesla added. A new one that I really appreciate is the ability to have the ambient lighting off when driving and on when in park. Until the change I just left it off all the time.

Thank you, Tesla!

brian_in_TX | January 25, 2015

+1 CZ!

Thanks for pulling this together, enjoyable to see the cars we bought improving.

stephen @newpor... | January 25, 2015

What is really fantastic is that we own cars that CAN be improved, without having to buy new cars (setting aside the whole P and D thing). Even the "legacy" models (without sensors/cameras) get improvements. Try getting that on any other car (certainly never on any car I owned BT ... before Tesla :-) | January 25, 2015

As Rod and Barbara's excellent list is no longer being updated, I've also maintain a desired features list (both software and hardware) for the last two years. I' also update the list with completed items, which v6.1 knocked off quite a few! You can vote or add your feature suggestions anytime, so it' doesn't require a lot of work on my side, although I do review and edit entries for clarity (and remove duplicates).

Click on "Desired features" to go into the list.

Captain_Zap | January 25, 2015

Is it an open list or a list limited to those that have experience with the car? How do you get your list to Tesla? | January 25, 2015

It's an open list, but I expect 99% are Tesla owners based on the feature requests and how they usually directly relate to our cars. I do moderate it and if it's really off base or impossible, I remove it (and let the poster know the reason). These removals are quite rare.

Tesla has free access to the data.

jpcarreiro | January 26, 2015

@Captain_Zap, you said that #4 ( c. Auto position seat/steering wheel for entry/exit) is implemented. How is that done?

Jim | September 6, 2018

Looking for the right place to make a suggestion to Tesla..
My Model S was parked and struck in a hit and run. $3,000 worth of damage. Would be nice if Tesla car cameras could record 2 minutes prior and 2 minutes after an impact that jolts the car. Hit and Run without leaving a note is a crime in Alabama. Video evidence would have found the perp. | September 6, 2018

@Jim - Would be cool, but very unlikely to happen. To maintain recording while parked would require the AP processor remain powered up, which would consume 1-2 miles of range each hour. Consider getting a dashcam. There are a lot of other reasons why I doubt a parking dashcam will be implemented by Tesla:

richard | December 7, 2018

Extreme security fake pin code suggestion, The pin code is great but there will be a time where an owner is threatened for their pin code, if you could set a fake or emergency pin code, this could be given to a thief, allowing them to drive off in the car, but restricting it to valet mode, and x miles range, while alerting tesla that the car may be stolen. This allows the thieves to get far enough away that they dont come back, disables the car, and alerts someone. Could even lock them in the car.

viper2c2 | December 7, 2018

I agree with Richard!

Silver2K | December 7, 2018

They can't turn off mobile access. Give them the code and get out of their way. They will get busted quickly