Question on private section of this forum.

Question on private section of this forum.

I'm on the edge of ordering a Model S P85. I noticed that people refer to private threads. From what I have gathered that in order to post private or view private posts that you have to be an owner or have an order in for a vehicle, right? Can a person see and or possibly post in the 2 weeks leading up to the final decision of buying the car?

I'm trying to gather information to decide to purchase a Model S at this time or maybe wait till the spring of 2014. It would be useful to see what posts are going on in the private forums but not to post in them. One advantage in being private is that you have a very good chance of not having misguided information from people being malicious about the car or Tesla. That would benefit future owner. In the general forum there is a chance of a troll posting stuff since anyone can become a forum member and possibly misguide future buyers. So I have to be a little careful of negative comments and see how others comment back.

But if anyone could READ the private posts then they would be more assured that the info was most likely valid.

lumpSoCal | September 12, 2013

There aren't that many private threads & owners don't misguide potential buyers, if that twas happening at some point it would have been public by now.

If you want further info, head over to Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum

bent | September 13, 2013

I own a Roadster but don't have private access nor have I been bothered to try and get it. Since access doesn't seem to be automatic I'd wager a lot of owners don't actually have it.

Do all Model S owners automatically get private access? If so then this could be fast changing.

lumpSoCal | September 13, 2013

Not automatically granted to many owners, I had to email ownership for access.

ian | September 13, 2013

I agree that there aren't that many private threads. The forums are just as informative if not more so. I can't think of one thing I learned from a private thread here that I didn't also read about in a public discussion here or at

If you're really that desperate though you could reserve an X and then after you've decided one way or the other get a refund or transfer that deposit to the purchase of an S. An X reservation will also get you access to the private threads here.


Haeze | September 13, 2013

I am an owner and I have never seen a "Private Section" in the forums. Is it supposed to just be listed along with the other 4 forums ?

Anonymous | September 13, 2013

Your have to email

Give them your email & vin and they'll set you up within a day or two.

rainman50 | September 13, 2013

Thanks for the information. I was just wondering if I was missing something .