Quick Car Wash Tip

Quick Car Wash Tip

The best way to wash your Tesla is the two-bucket method. This ensures that the wash sponge or mitt is free from grit that can cause scratches or swirl marks.

Now, if you are in a hurry or can't wash your car at home here's a simple way to get your car cleaned.
It works best if you have a hydrophobic coating such as opti-coat installed.

Quick car wash instructions;
Go to a coin operated car wash bay
You will only need to use 3 of the options
Spray on soap
Rinse off with water
Finish with spot free rinse
Drive home (all the water will just slide off)
Wipe off any remaining water spots with a soft clean microfiber cloth.
Use detailers spray for any dry marks.


cerjor | July 7, 2013

Try Griot Garage's Spray-on Car Wash. Just spray it on a section, wipe gently with microfiber towel and then wipe residue with another towel. Has worked well for me.

ralsagoff | July 7, 2013

Is the hydrophobic coat a Tesla option? I have not seen it on their website. Did you have it don as an after market improvement?

NICE | July 7, 2013

Go here to look for authorized opti-coat pro installers.

Note that these are the professionals that use the PRO version, not the consumer version like opti-coat 2.0.

Shop around for pricing. I found John our Opti-Coat guy working out of his garage for half the price across town.

Get the whole car Opti-Coated including the rims.
Opti-Coat pro for all painted and plastic surfaces.
Opti-Glass pro is great for the windshield; go over 35mph and never have to use your wipers again.
Opti-Lens pro has UV inhibitors that will prevent your headlights from turning yellow.

CAdreamin | July 7, 2013

Duragloss has a great quick detailer called Fast Clean and Shine #921 and a gloss enhancer called Aquawax #951 and the thickest most absorbent microfiber towels I've ever seen for drying without causing swirl marks. See those items at

Tacket | July 8, 2013

Today I washed as the sun was going down and used a leaf blower to dry. Worked great!

J.T. | July 8, 2013

@cerjor I'm curious about this process. Most advice on washing is to never wipe your car down without first rinsing off surface film to avoid possibly grinding some grit into the finish. Is this not a problem wih spray on washes?

hordsterMD | July 8, 2013

Any recommendations for an Opticoat Pro installer in Baltimore, MD?