Rain sensors

Rain sensors

Some things we learn the hard way!
Setting the switch to activate the rain sensor causes the
wiper to cycle once when you open the driver side door and get in.
That is OK if the windshiled is dry.
If the windshiled is wet the wiper sweeps all that water over
to drench the inside of the door before one can get it closed.

George, please conisder a delay or just remove the single wiper cycle alltogether.

A little damp but still very impressed!

stevenmaifert | February 21, 2013

Or maybe we should just remember to turn the wipers off before we exit the car. A 15 second delay upon reentry would be nice.

Theresa | February 21, 2013

Yeah fifteen seconds sounds just about right to put the water in your lap!

I think it should be disabled until the car is started (i.e. you put your foot on the brake).

peahl | February 21, 2013

I agree with Teresa's second line

Brad-Isa | February 21, 2013

I also agree with Teresa's solution, have been hit a few times this way and has not been a problem on other cars.

dduvall | February 21, 2013

I've been drenched by this feature too. It's also a bad idea to cycle the wipers on a dry windshield. This seems like a bug. The wipers should not be triggered by the door opening.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 21, 2013

It isn't a bug. All late model Mercedes wipers with rain sensors do this. I doubt a software fix can do it if it is in the MB firmware or switches.

olanmills | February 21, 2013

Another reason to dislike the ugly MB parts.

EcLectric | February 21, 2013

Tuesday it hailed in Mountain View (CA)! I came out to find little ice-balls all over my windshield. When I opened the door to get in... the wipers brushed them onto me and my driver's door.

I agree with Theresa's suggestion, if it can be done. As for 'turn of your wipers before exiting' - this is not likely because when you have rain sensing wipers, you are just asking the person to forget. It would be a different story if the wipers were always moving when you stopped, but this is rarely the case, at least for me.

Dave, I do think this could be fixed with software. Something causes the wiper system to 'wake up' when you open the door. One of the processors is sensing the key fob and extending the handles. It is also sensing the door opening. At some point, the wiper system is enabled or powered up by software. The solution is to wait (add a fixed delay) before doing this or to wait for some other event (foot on brake = car 'on') before powering up the wipers.

hnashif | February 21, 2013

I agree with Theresa's solution. This should be a minor s/w change.

David Trushin | February 21, 2013

All the accessories come on when you open the door. Unless there is a little toggle switch in the door frame, it has to be software.

jjaeger | February 21, 2013

PD, i think it is a bug or at least a behavior that should be modified. As you note - my Seville also did the exact same thing, but since with ICE vehicles we're all in the car when we hit the ignition switch, no harm no foul. But with the car being instant On and not gating the swipe by either the car going into D/R or even just having the driver seat sensor be activated, makes us all dance a bit. I am guessing this gets updated in some future Sw release but we'll see.

jat | February 21, 2013

@David Trushin - it might not be separately switchable -- the software might simply close a contactor for "power the car up".

mustangez | March 12, 2013

Has anyone else noticed a audible sound every time the intermittent wipers go? It sounds internal and happens when the drivers wiper hits the apex of its wipe. Just wanted to know if this is normal. Its loud enough to still hear with music at a 6.
Am i the only one and should I call service?