To reserve or not to reserve...

To reserve or not to reserve...

I am contemplating putting in my reservation for the model S. I just do not have enough information yet and would really like to see, touch and feel a near production model b4 i send in my downpayment. I don't want to be in the group that did not reserve and end up paying 1.5 times the asking price due to excessive demand driving prices up (like the Nissan GTR when it first came out). Does anyone have a link or is it possible to see an image/drawing of the drive train??? What is the anticipated warranty on the S? be nice to hear other's thoughts on why they went ahead and reserved.


Mehdi | September 19, 2010

Chenglo1, have you test driven a Roadster yet? That's what made up my mind for me. I would buy the roadster but I have small children so it doesn't meet my needs.
And putting the down payment is in fact less riskier than buying Tesla Stock even, it doesn't change value and you can get it back if you change your mind after you drive the prototypes coming out hopefully later this year. And you'll guarrantee your spot in the production line.
Get yourself to a Tesla dealership or a Tesla event and test drive the roadster and have your checkbook ready.

Jaffray | September 20, 2010

Agreed Mehdi!...Cheng, I would strongly suggest that you test drive a Roadster even if it is "not the vehicle for your needs".

It will give you a sound idea of what an unprecedented thrill it is to drive a performance electric vehicle.

As we get closer to 2012, I'm sure that each Tesla store will be receiving a Model S not only for reservation holders to test drive, but also to entice new my opinion, when the Model S hits the streets, the demand could go "viral"...

ChristianG | September 21, 2010

If you believe that Tesla will survive untill they bring out the Tesla to testdrive then reserving one is fairly unrisky. All you'll loose is a small fee around 50-100$. And you get the rest back if you decide otherwise.

Honestly for me it was already worth it. I reserved mine over a year ago and out from the blue I got a little present from Tesla. Including a Shirt, Cap, Matchbox roadster, cupholder and cup from their Store. So my fee, if I chicken out, is already paid back by tesla :) That was really a nice gesture from then so many thanks to them!

For me reserving was a good Idea as I'm very entusiastic about it for a long time. If you want to play it safe, waiting a bit longer might be a good Idea anyway. You really can check it out, let others find out if there are 'bugs' and buying a praxis tested vehicle one year later.. maybe even with a bigger battery.

But don't complain that you have to wait even longer after you testdrove it. Because waiting is sooo painfull!

EmperorTytus | February 23, 2014

So chenglo1, did you end up putting in that reservation? Did you take the plunge?

amitb00 | February 23, 2014

Nice to see such an old thread and what kind of mindset the early adopters had

Bighorn | February 23, 2014

Wow--a zombie thread authored by an active shopper. This may be a record for waffling:)

Mathew98 | February 23, 2014

He may just be a prudent buyer who dislikes IHOP...

Thomas N. | February 23, 2014

Hopefully he bought it. It was the best decision I ever made.

Apparently I may be doing it again.

Bikezion | February 23, 2014

Medhis advise was probably sound at the time! But if Cheng would have bought $5000 in stock at the $20 it was at the time, he would have made a tenfold return! He would have had $50,000 for his model S! And at $40,000, 360,000 dollars profit! 1/4 of his shares would have paid for his car!

AoneOne | February 23, 2014
AoneOne | February 23, 2014
amitb00 | February 23, 2014

It is an expensive car and some folks over think, don't want to take a wrong decision and as a result delay the decision. It will be interesting to know OP perspective.

Bighorn | February 23, 2014

If I'm not mistaken, I think chenglo mentioned a Ferrari at some point, so the expense probably isn't where the reservation lies.

chenglo1 | February 23, 2014

Hi fellas still here. Man I do so wish I would have bought some TSLA. At the time I decided to start my own business instead. I needed all my cash and had to borrow to start up. Ive been fortunate in that I have been able to buy my dream car for my 40th birthday. I think I had a mid life crisis but oh well. I don't want to jinx it but we shall see in the next week or so if I can add a model s to my stable. Its neat reading my old post for sure. The local Tesla service people could not believe I was interested that long ago. Btw I never got to test drive the coupe. Too many people in line. I have driven the model s on 2 different occasions and also posted on the Ferrari forums. Well do wish me luck on my model s endeavor!

Bighorn | February 23, 2014

All the best--hope you can swing it!

amitb00 | February 24, 2014

@cheng: All the best. Get one as you were interested from so long back.
Strangely I was not knowing about Tesla or better that it is for persons like me. I thought is is a car for ultra rich. I was in market last year for a Mercedez S class and was bidding on them. My bids did not go through. Then one of my friends bought Tesla and showed me. I got interested and over 3-4 months transitioned from ICE to EV. Then test drove in Dec and placed the order. Looking forward to having it in March. I was so close to buying MB and then my Tesla plans would have to wait.