Road Trip: Orange County - Las Vegas

Road Trip: Orange County - Las Vegas

Planning a road trip this weekend from South OC to Las Vegas on my Tesla MS 85.

From South OC to Barstow is 135 miles. So no issue there for a stop over at the Super Charger. However, from Barstow to LV is 152 miles. If I am unable to charge my car at the hotel I am staying (Westin) I will be cutting it real close for my return to Barstow for another charge before I get home.

Any suggestions most welcome and appreciated.

Atlantian | September 16, 2013

I know a number of hotels have charging stations available. You can find them on sites such as and If the hotel you are staying at doesn't have their own charger then just take a drive to another hotel and play, eat, relax, etc while waiting for your car to charge.

Kimscar | September 16, 2013


Do let us know how that turns out. I live close to Knotts Berry Farm. My plan in July (when I have the car) is to make a trip to dads in Las Vegas . Of course by then the SC on the border of Ca and Nevada will be in. I'm hoping around the area where Whisky Pete's is as its easy to get off and on the freeway. When that's in you can top off run around Vegas some and get back there for the final charge for the return home.
Let us know how it works out.

Atlantian | September 16, 2013
tranhv68 | September 16, 2013

Even a range charge will not get you from barstow to LV and back. I valet parked in mandalay place. The attendants cannot plug you in but they will call you when one of the two level 2 spaces opens up and you can move your car to the space and plug in. I charged overnight the first night and had plenty of charge to drive around town and then back to barstow.

Tâm | September 16, 2013

It was covered 7 months ago, with pictures too:

cb17 | September 16, 2013

The question here isn't really OC to Vegas specific (which I've done), the question is about not charging in Vegas after stopping in Barstow, which you definitely can't do (at least not without going 20mph).

Recommendation to owners going to Vegas: Stay at a hotel with a place to plug in or plan on spending all day at Aria and/or the Venetian!

veepsp | September 17, 2013

Lots of great inputs folks. Thanks a ton. I will update this thread with my experience.

Brian H | September 17, 2013

Wonder how the Project 100 is progressing (bought 100 MS plus other EVs, and planned numerous charging points around the city).

c.bussert67 | September 19, 2013

Although you may not be staying at a hotel with charging, don't sweat it. Go to the Shoppes at mandalay bay, their chargers are in the valet section, but you park and plug in the car yourself. (makes it nice being away from the self parking lot and door dings) Go shopping for 3-4 few hours and get close to 180 miles on your pack.
The drive from Vegas to Barstow as you said is around 150 miles, but in that direction it is also a climb in elevation, so you will burn extra watts on that leg.
For reference I burned 325 Wh/mi on that leg, using 51kWh. Barstow is the highest point on your trip. You climb from your house to barstow, then drop into vegas. Climb back out of vegas to barstow, then drop going home again.