Safety Features comparison

Safety Features comparison


I have been reading about Tesla X model for some time now. I understand that it is a safer , environment friendly car. I would be spending around 70K-90K if I want to purchase one with decent options.

My questions/comments are related to options present in high end cars (e.g GL450 and QX60 )

1. Will it have Active break assist?
2. Will it have Active lane departure assist and prevention?
3. Will it have 360 degree cameras and parking assist?
4. Blind spot monitoring?
5. Forward collision warning and avoidance?
6. Backup prevention assist?

Will Tesla X match these options? I am not sure if these are in Tesla's roadmap or not but would be happy if these are introduced in Tesla X model as it is highly relevant for a family car.


cloroxbb | October 8, 2013

Call me old fashioned, but I honestly hope if all of that stuff IS offered on the Tesla Model X, that they are all separate options that you can add to your configuration.

I am all for that stuff, for the people that need it. Like all the distracted, inattentive drivers out there, because it may make their driving more safe. I just hope that those of us that are attentive drivers that don't need all the electronic HELP to drive effectively and safely do not have to pay for things we don't need.

To get the Model X at the current Model S prices, I don't think all of those systems are going to be there, at launch.

cloroxbb | October 8, 2013

Of course, I know that some people just like to have that stuff as a backup and are good drivers. I am not saying that ONLY the morons want that stuff. Just so nobody thinks I am trying to be a dick... :)

AlMc | October 8, 2013

I would expect most of these features would be optional. However, I think a base price, RWD X with a 60KW battery might start at 70K.
If you want/need all those features and AWD and a bigger battery I think you are looking at 125K.

lifesaver | October 8, 2013

My point is if these features are not in options list for Tesla S then it is highly unlikely be in tesla x.

AlMc | October 8, 2013

I would disagree. Options have been added to the model S as more vehicles are being built. The software/firmware is present in the model S already for many of those features. A TMC forum member either by mistake or design located a sublevel within the onboard computer showing that these things exist/or are planned for in future model S vehicles. So, I think it logical to assert that they will be available in the X.

reitmanr | October 22, 2013

I might have missed an earlier post, but does the X have cameras vs mirrors?

Brian H | October 22, 2013

Elon designed it to, but regs so far require mirrors.

ian | October 23, 2013

Nobody knows what the X will come with as it's specifications have not been released yet. All these speculations are just that, speculations.


Biricon | November 16, 2013

In Europa a lot of features will be standard in cars of the day. In the price range of a Mercedes S class tesla should have the same features in the Technik pack.

Brian H | November 17, 2013

Mercedes spends money on "features". Tesla spends money on the world's best drive train. Pick one.

Paul in Palm City | November 24, 2013

I am a very attentive driver but no human can match the response time for MB S class Distronic / Forward collision avoidance system. Even the Senior VP for Google, who was featured in an ad on TV during the 2012 Superbowl (or was it 2011?) agreed - it's revolutionary technology that actually is MORE attentive than a human and can take evasive action to both save the vehicle and protect its occupants - better than a human can.

This is a technology that reduces repair frequency - reduces medical injuries - in all, it should be on EVERY car on the road! I certainly hope my X is available with this technology!