Save $3,000 on a Performance Reservation?

Save $3,000 on a Performance Reservation?

In November I called about my reservation to ask if I could make a change to Performance version, or to Red Paint. I was told, no too late, car already in production. So in order to hedge my bet I made a second reservation. (This was before the price increase was announced.) You might ask what was I thinking? Well it occurred to me that I might keep my Model S for a couple of months and then sell it, at breakeven, or even a profit, if the demand was high, and then use the funds to go ahead with the second reservation. Or worst case scenario, simply cancel it and get my deposit back.

At the moment, selling my Model S doesn’t look too likely, although I would consider offers…

However because of the price increase, my reservation can allow a Performance buyer who wants 21 inch wheels to save $6,000.00

If someone, hopefully in the Chicago area who is itching to buy, but hasn’t made their reservation yet, wants to take over my reservation by being added as a co-buyer, I will split the 6K with you. You save $3,000. I make $3,000 which will be set aside for my Model X down payment. Also you would likely get your car a couple of months quicker than if you reserved today.

Mike Fowler

jat | February 6, 2013

Do be aware that Tesla hasn't allowed transfer of reservations, so you would have to buy the car and then resell it. My limited understanding of the tax laws means that neither of you would get the tax credit, so if you are eligible for it then you would actually be losing money.

Brian H | February 6, 2013

A co-buyer doesn't need to buy the car from him. No restrictions on having 2 names on the ownership papers, AFAIK.