select song by voice command and car chooses "best" source

select song by voice command and car chooses "best" source

With all of the recent comments regarding the ability (or lack of) to select a specific song from Slacker via voice command, I have a separate but related question. Does voice command work with songs stored on a USB drive or iPhone? And if I request a song, is the car able to pick from multiple sources (i.e., if the song is stored locally, then play that version)? It is much more likely that I will have a higher quality version of the song on a USB drive versus what can be streamed from Slacker. But if I don't have the song on a USB drive, then go ahead and find the best match possible via Slacker. That would be an awesome feature, in my opinion.

tommers | April 30, 2013

From my own experiments, it seems pretty clear that it doesn't currently let you select songs from your own media. I figure since Tesla still needs to add functionality to support their internal hard drive, this functionality would come along with a larger revamp to music. But that's just a guess.

TikiMan | April 30, 2013

No it doesn't, and as of late, neither does it using Slacker (it's currently seriously 'slacking').