Self driving Tesla vehicles and Family Plans

Self driving Tesla vehicles and Family Plans

Self driving cars are the future. The Tesla vehicles seem like the perfect platform to create a new business model for vehicles. Family plans much like cell phone plans that share monthly miles. Cars that drop your kids at their friend's house or picks you up from the airport for a business meeting in a distant city. Cars charge at Tesla Supercharger stations and one car could possibly support multiple families and business men. A fleet of cars could provide mileage plans at affordable levels without customers feeling they have to shoulder the risk of battery replacement. I'm just a dreamer.

Tesla, get with Google and make it happen!


Brian H | January 24, 2013

But will they fly, and vacuum the rug? ;)

Sounds like a possible future. .

JZ13 | January 24, 2013

Tesla is working with google on auto-pilot cars. Elon is on friendly terms with the google guys. He has stated this publicly. I would expect an auto-pilot electric car in the not-too-distant future.