Service concerns

Service concerns

I have had my Tesla Model S for 4 months and overall I am thrilled with it. However, I've had a fairly minor service issue for 4 months (the body armor was not installed correctly). I have tried to be super patient, especially given how minor the issue, but now I am starting to wonder if I should be concerned about what would happen if I needed real service. I've called Tesla service (main and local) many times and each time I was promised a return call that never happened. Finally, I scheduled a specific time for the work to be done while I was out of town, arranged for access to my house and garage, codes, etc. Got back from my trip and the car had not been touched, and no call, nothing. This even after I called from my trip and confirmed the day before the scheduled service date.

Now when I call the Tesla service, there is a very generic message, no voicemail and the "backup operator" is also unavailable.

I just purchased the extended warranty so I hope I did not buy extended poor service. Anyone else concerned?

bp | May 8, 2013

I've been able to call Tesla and get a quick response - even calling while in my car several times. I've also sent several e-mails and also received responses.

If it's only the body armor - suggest you wait another 2 months and then arrange for a service call to fix the armor and rotate the tires.

DJung | May 8, 2013

I think they are prioritizing service to the owners with the largest problems, such as problems affecting the operation of the vehicle. I'm pretty sure Tesla will improve service in the coming future as Elon said it was one of his priorities to improve service.

hfcolvin | May 8, 2013

Sure you didn't get a Fesla, cheap Chinese knock-off?

Sorry to make light of your situation, couldn't resist. It sounds like you've been pretty patient and gotten nowhere, so maybe you need to start kicking it up the chain of command. The service call no-show, no explanation is unacceptable IMO. If they can't get to your problem right away they need to let you know and explain why.

J.T. | May 8, 2013

There is no excuse for a lack of communication. Yes, they might have other customers with more pressing problems but if all it takes is a return phone call and sincere assurances that the problem has been noted then how do you blow off that call? This is not a "service" issue it's a people issue. Instruct the people on the front line to respect every customer's time and investment. Tesla enthusiasts have proven their patience, but don't push it.

mauterin | May 8, 2013

Are you calling the LA service center? They are impossible to get on the phone, with the same generic message you described. I dropped off my car today, and everyone is super friendly and helpful in person, but the shop is chaos, with cars all over the place and apparently no Internet, so everything is hand-written (which may also be affecting the phones and responses). As someone pointed out on another thread, the service centers are overwhelmed by small factory defects (squeaks and finish issues) and sudden volume. I believe it will get better, but it's far from ideal now.

robert | May 9, 2013

Yes Mauterin, have had the same experience. The people there couldn't be nicer or more helpful but it is obvious they are overwhelmed.

As others have said in response to my post, I am pretty flexible but when specific arrangements are made (and I scheduled around it), then they could at least call and explain the cancellation?

It's now been a week since I returned from my trip and still nothing and I can't get through to anyone.

generubin | May 9, 2013

@ robert and mauterin, Los Angeles service will be getting some relief. I have heard they are opening an additional and larger service facility in Van Nuys very soon. The guys at LA service told me it is a Tesla priority to solve the Los Angeles service situation.

I have found their communication and service exemplary. Same holds true for Solar City.

Matt_B | May 9, 2013

I have unfortunately been experiencing similar problems as @robert and some others. When I have actually connected with Tesla reps on the phone (in Rockville, MD and in CA), everyone has been friendly and professional. But when I try to call the Rockville SC during business hours, the call invariably rolls through to Fremont, and emails typically have gone unanswered. My car arrived six weeks ago (through third-party transport) with a series of minor problems (creaky pano roof, non-functioning map light, permanent dark stain on driver's seat, wrong headliner for P85, etc.), and it's been far more difficult than anticipated to have any of these issues addressed. I had a service appointment in Rockville, but they failed to fix the roof problem, said they couldn't get Fremont to provide a replacement map light, and were unable to obtain the replacement seat and headliner. Follow-up communications have again been friendly, filled with reassurances, but responses remain uneven (emails simply are ignored) and answers elusive. (I still have no timetable for addressing the broken light, stained seat, or headliner.) I don't want to be a prima donna, and I recognize that none of my problems has affected my ability to drive the car and experience its extraordinary benefits. I'm also willing to be patient in awaiting fixes for these relatively small issues. But it would be a whole lot easier to be patient if calls and emails were consistently returned within a reasonable period, parts showed up when promised, etc. The car is first-rate, but my service experience has left a lot to be desired. As I've conveyed to the Tesla reps in CA, better communication would go a long way to improving the customer experience.