Sharing charge between vehicles

Sharing charge between vehicles

Thought about induction charging device a little. Tesla could install them on a vehicle. So drivers can be more sure that they will get to places of their destination.

It could be just a couple of devices like on those parking lots, where you can park your car, go drink a coffee and when you get back you car will be charged a little.

Drivers could set options and limits they want and then when some other car with low chanrge is near, they could share their charge. I suppose when this will be installed and pre-set in a big number of electric cars there will be no need to get to station or home for charging so frequently. Looks good and supportive to me, if everyone will do it, of course.

Also cars on a parking lots could share a charge, when no other alternative is available.

Does anybody know if tesla plans to do something like a sharing system for their cars ?

EvaP | September 16, 2013

I think it's a great idea! Like jumping cable for EV's.

Brian H | September 17, 2013

In the Great Bye and Bye.

lambda | September 19, 2013


That would be truly amazing... and it will make all us a little closer I hope.

working now on concept for that.

stewart.horner | September 23, 2013

I too have been noodeling with this idea, If there could be some for of Power siphon function to the charge port on the car. I approached it from the perspective of social networks. the power of the brand , its followers and fellow EV comrades could be easily reached to aid a no juice situation . the same function mophie uses to charge an iPhone, just bigger. in fact Apple / or any other phone company for that matter could aply this function to their phones , allowing a user to essentially siphon some power from a friend when they are running low or empty. Im no electrician but im sure something could be done.
alternatevly I was thinking someone should or will make a 3rd party frunk emergency portable battery that fits nicely into the well in the frunk , maybe it has 20 miles of power and you only need to carry it on a long trip.

Brian H | September 23, 2013

Tesla has nixed all "reverse power flow" through the port. Not feasible.

olanmills | September 26, 2013

Reverse power flow could be potentially dangerous. Suppose they designed the charge port so that you could extract power from the battery. Of course, they could design it so that these feature is only unlocked by the right type of Tesla-made physical connector and software protocols, etc.

However, I'm sure that if such a feature existed, at least a few people would try, and perhaps succeed at hacking a way to draw power from the car for their own purposes (like to power your home in a blackout, or provide power while camping or something).

The problem is that a lot of energy is stored in the battery pack and it is capable of producing high voltages and probably high amperage too. It's potentially dangerous to give people an easier way to get the energy back out of the battery besides doing it with your foot on the pedal (that's dangerous enough, lol).

Roamer@AZ USA | September 27, 2013

Much more interested in a home back up power system that would keep my grid tie solar inverters going in the event of a power failure.

Would be great to disconnect from the grid and use the car batteries as a home power source. Simple inverter system like a sunny island that can also control and regulate the power output from my 3 sunny boy inverters.

Brian H | September 27, 2013

Just disconnect the motor, and Bob's your uncle.