Show Tesla Motors that you care, help this petition get to 100,000 signatures

Show Tesla Motors that you care, help this petition get to 100,000 signatures

Here is the petition. It is made to allow Tesla to sell cars to all states in the United States. With 100,000 signatures, there will be a response from the government. If you care about this companies future, it is important that you help avoid legal obstacles such as the dealership laws in some states. We are currently at 37,954 signatures. We have 6 days to go, which means 10,341 signatures per day to get to 100,000. We can do this! Get family and friends to sign as well!

Brian H | June 26, 2013

I thought the target was 100K. "Signatures needed by July 05, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000 = 82,554"

vgrinshpun | June 27, 2013

Oops. I thought that the 100,000 was just to ensure victory, I just realized that is exactly how much was needed. We seem to not be moving along very fast.

PorfirioR | June 27, 2013

Any Chicago politician would be proud of me. I voted twice.

rmp123 | June 27, 2013

Not going to happen this time. But with repeated effort it will.

Brian H | June 27, 2013

You can correct your title and opening post with Edit in the upper left corner.
Currently over 22,000. (10:30 am PDT)

Brian H | June 27, 2013

BTW, the market seems to be cluing in; up over $7 today, at $109-110.

just an allusion | July 6, 2013

Like many of you I, too, have already signed the petition (and encouraged my friends to do the same) though, as I mentioned in a reply mail to the Tesla notification center, I really don't understand the reason why there is any discrepancy regarding Tesla's ability to serve their customers, let alone distribute Tesla's in whichever state that Mr. Musk may decide to.

The reason for my confusion being the fact that any effort on a dealership's behalf (let alone a "consortium" of dealerships) to attempt to block another automobile dealers' ability to distribute their product would constitute an effort on their behalf to "monopolize" the local consumer market which, in turn, amounts to a clear cut, de facto case of "conspiracy to deprive", complete with demonstrable "collusion" on behalf of all contributing dealerships by their participation in such an effort, actionable in a court of law under the "RICO Act" for "conspiracy to deprive" and, in particular, "racketeering".

Given the explanation of the reason for my confusion, I can only hope that you, too, now realize my misunderstanding of the situation.

Please, by all means, correct me if this is not true in this case or, at the very least, point me in the direction of the states with the dealership laws that are posing this obstruction.

AJMitch_85 | July 8, 2013

Target: State and Fed Legislative Rep’s - Allow Tesla to sell directly to the consumer.

This is a follow-on to the White House Petition, but this one is aimed directly at your specific State's House & Senate Rep's!!

Please join this campaign: