Smaller ID fob

Smaller ID fob

I always carry a spare key and RF chip in my wallet in case I lose my usual key.
I also like to keep a spare hidden in/on the car.
the model S fob is so big hard to put in a wallet
hopefully they can have a small chip fob that can be kept in wallet
and use the iphone to unluck the doors.

vandacca | May 7, 2014

I agree. The Model S FOB seems gimmicky and large. It would be nice if they design a more sleek FOB for the Model X. If they are going to keep it large, they might as well have miniature falcon doors on the FOB to mimic the state of the doors on the vehicle. ;)


Lubdub | May 7, 2014

the fob is fine but make available at a reasonable cost a smaller spare

flyjeffva | May 7, 2014

I think it would be great to be able to unlock the car with the phone app and enter a code on the screen to enable the car. Key optional!

NumberOne | May 7, 2014

It would be nice if it had some kind of biometric lock that can be used in an emergency. In case a key is lost and the spare is not accessible.

danny | May 8, 2014

+1, the current fob is too big.

WISH: The car works with a credit-card form factor (encrypted) smartcard (<< 1mm thickness) for starting/opening doors (saving the extra lump in my pocket/big fob for operation at a distance functions, like trunk/frunk).

Red Sage ca us | May 8, 2014

A 'smaller spare' version of the Tesla Key Fob would be a great idea as a means to engage 'Valet Mode', I think. You wouldn't be able to drive over 30 MPH, vehicle could not travel more than two miles at a time, frunk and truck would not open. That would be good to make sure you could trust parking lot attendants who might have seen and enjoyed 'Ferris Beuler's Day Off' (1986).

danny | May 10, 2014

To be clear, I mean an encrypted wireless smartcard in the above comment.

JustinHardy | June 25, 2014