I do not know who is the administrator of this forum, but can you please get rid of the spam popping up in the forum (free video, etc.) right now?

I enjoy reading this forum, learning a lot, but this spam is irritating ;)

Thanks a lot!

Steven (Netherlands)

Tesla Lover | May 29, 2013

is somebody who continue to create new account to avoid the ban by the administrator...
flag it as inappropriate

Tesla Lover | May 29, 2013

all removed...

olanmills | May 29, 2013

Yeah, usually spam does not last more than a day or two.

If you hover over the text of a post, you will see the 'Flag as inappropriate' link appear under the post. If you click the link, you can report the spam and a moderator will take a look at it and delete the post if necessary.

Alex K | May 29, 2013

@olanmills | MAY 29, 2013: If you click the link, you can report the spam and a moderator will take a look at it and delete the post if necessary.

Actually, the post is deleted automatically after 5 people flag it as inappropriate.

ZsoZso | April 8, 2014

Looks like we have a huge wave of spam posts this morning.

A little while ago the forum was experimenting with moderation on replies (but allowed new posts without moderator approval), that was a really bad move. Maybe the opposite should be implemented, i.e. new posts require moderator approval, but one can reply to existing posts. Even the new post moderator approval could be limited the first X posts of a member -- that how some other forums do it. When you register, first you are not a full member (on probation) and need to get moderator approval for your posts to appear. After some number of approved posts your status changes to full member and allowed to post directly.

This kind of system would prevent such massive spams from a few people.

Timo | April 8, 2014

Good suggestion. Should work with minimal effort from site maintainers.

toby_wan_kenoby | April 8, 2014

Model X SPAM wave. Please everybody help clear out the model X Forum. Flag as inappropriate.
There are about 30 or so new postings all about fake products etc. I just spent 5 minutes flagging them all.

I am not sure how many flags are needed to get rid of them but in the absence of good moderation we need to clear them out before the search robots register them and give them the benefits of the link from the Tesla forum.

Rocky_H | April 8, 2014

Thanks for the note, Toby. I just went over there to the Model X forum and flagged about two or three pages worth of that spam (after flagging in this General category), and then when I clicked back to page 1, there were about 10 new ones--holy crap!

Brian H | April 8, 2014

That "experiment" the other day was a glitch. Every once in a while a 'bot beats the filter system and floods the joint.

Once, General got it with >600 Indian marital counsellor posts.

Just flag the first couple. Once a mod tunes in, they'll all vanish.

Timo | April 8, 2014

Too bad we can't beat the bot. Literally. As in pulp.

Benz | April 9, 2014

We need 5 persons to flag each of the spam posts. I do flag them, 4 more please. Let's get rid of the spam.

Timo | April 9, 2014

We also need some assassin to put a bullet into that spammers head. Any volunteers?

Brian H | April 9, 2014

No, Benz. Flagging all is a waste of time. The mods will handle it. Get back to your life.