Standard suspension

Standard suspension

What is the standard suspension like??

bostoncde | May 3, 2013

I have standard suspendion on my 60Kwh and have no concerns. I don't see the 1 inch additional height as a benefit to me for snow or driveways. It helps during driving for better efficiency to lower it, but I am happy with what i have. I preferred to get tech package and or roof over suspension.

RedShift | May 3, 2013

How is the ride? I wanted to get the std,(I don't really care for air suspensions in a performance sport sedan) but got air instead to speed up delivery.

Don't know if you have compared the ride back to back.

bostoncde | May 3, 2013

Unfortunately I wasn't able to really do side by side. I took 2 test drives before receiving my car and they were on 85 with Air, I am not a car nut so I am not sure I could tell a big difference. I live in Massachusetts where roads are pretty beat up, so Air might have been a good option, but I had to stop spending $$.

mnlevin | May 5, 2013

I just got my 60 with Std Suspension, the car is a dream, and everyone who drives it, and I let a lot of my friends drive it, says it is amazing. We don't have snow in Fl and just thought the Air was a waste of money and something that will break in the future and cost $$$. So we are extremely happy with the ride on our std 60

dennisogmia | May 6, 2013

I am also afraid that Air can break and also want the roof, tech and leather..

dlewis | May 6, 2013

I drove several test cars with air, but chose to go with the standard suspension. I don't notice a ton of difference, and even had someone at the Dania Beach store tell me the same thing. Ride is still good, less to fix in the future.