Suggestion # 2 for Version 4.6 Software

Suggestion # 2 for Version 4.6 Software

When I come home, the gate opening button automatically appears on the screen. I press it, opening the gate, and drive thru. My gate requires that you press the button again to close the gate, but in the S the button has now disappeared, assuming a gate that closes automatically. Why not have the button stay on the screen as long as the car is in proximity to the gate, so you don't have to hunt and peck to make the button reappear?

I also would like to see a much larger button, preferably in the Lower LHS of the screen. It seems as if the software people are designing the screen as a laptop; they need to think outside the box in terms of designing a screen that caters to a driver that can be easily distracted when having to focus on finding a tiny button. You have the real estate....use it.

TikiMan | June 30, 2013


I agree, it is much easier to reach the buttons and icons on the bottom of the touchscreen than the top. I would much rather see all the functions (home-link, and apps) at the bottom. I also would like to see a permanent door-lock / unlock button down there as well, as I hate having to do three things to unlock the doors for a passenger to get in, and messing with drive and park, just to unlock the doors from the inside is like of silly.

With that said... if any troll is reading this, please know that these types of 'improvement ideas', are the equivalent of requesting Apple to make a minor improvement to their iPad software. If this were an ICE vehicle, we would have NO choice what-so-ever, and have to accept everything as is. The VERY FACT that Tesla can make these improvements over time remotely, allows Model S owners to actually have input (something that no other car maker on Earth can do at this point).

tobi_ger | June 30, 2013

Imagine a customizable "Favorites" screen where you could add your favorite actions (re: locking) and settings, sort of bookmarks in browsers; maybe next to the Controls button.

pencil2man | June 30, 2013

My suggestion is that when the menu is up and selection highlighted in green, that pressing a button on the steering wheel should be able to be pushed to confirm. It is unnecessary to have to point to the screen.

July10Models | June 30, 2013

When the dialog pops up, the rear view camera display goes black. Yeah I back up into the garage at times and the display going black as I approach is annoying.

tobi_ger | June 30, 2013

It's been suggested by others to switch the rear view camera to the lower half of the screen to avoid the blank screen.

Alex K | June 30, 2013

Please see the Prioritized Software Enhancement List where some of these features are listed as item
49. h4: Homelink enhancements to include geo-present further from device, enlarge activation button, increase button display time, and improved geo-distinction between closely located devices, 90 (DrTaras, 1/6/13; bbmertz, 1/19/13; markapeterman, 1/24/13; JZ13, 2/24/13)