Sunroof rattle

Sunroof rattle

Anyone experience a rattle in the sun roof when closed, going over bumps, etc? I just took delivery of the car and still have this issues.

KendallPB | September 22, 2013

Yipes, no, and I got my car 7.5 months ago. Get thee to a Service Center, stat.

I do have a slight creak on very hot days, which goes away within the first mile or less (there's a service bulletin for this, though, and I plan to get it fixed at some point).

ddruz | September 22, 2013 - The pano roof creak is a known problem with older cars. Newer cars' pano roofs have been slightly redesigned in efforts to remedy this. By all means get in touch with service ASAP. You should not have this problem with a new car.

rbgliny | September 22, 2013

Received delivery of second MS a few days ago. No noises from the roof so far. Build quality appears much improved especially with the pano roof. Not true on the car we took delivery of last February. It is hard to tell where the creek(s) are coming trying to pinpoint a cricket in a garage....hard to determine its exact location. SC thinking it might be coming from the right front roof pillar (between the right front windshield and passenger window). Anyone know of any reported problems in this area regarding creaking? This is after the standard pano roof fixes have been installed.

elguapo | September 22, 2013

Use to search the forum. Sunroof squeaks, squeals, etc are well documented in both old and newer models. The service center can fix.

clinic | May 29, 2014

I have a bad rattle when the sunroof is open and the car hits a bump. I wa told by the folks at the Watertown, MA service center that parts were "being developed" to fix the problem. Why do parts need to be developed for an issue most of the cars don't have? I am going to persist but this isn't going well so far. It isn't what I expected from Tesla at all!

clinic | July 7, 2014

My Telsa Model S85 was delivered in early May. It’s been a great car with one exception, a sunroof rattle when the roof was open and the car hit a bump.
The rattle was almost constant on some of the poorly maintained roads we have in Maine. I was told Telsa engineers are working on a fix.

After several weeks of waiting for Tesla I decided to stop complaining and look at the problem myself. Turns out the rattle is the result of a loose fit between the four arms that attach to the roof and the flanges on the side of the roof to which they attach. A special screw/bolt goes through a bushing in the arm and threads into a slightly elevated boss on the flange. There’s quite a bit of slop between the bolt and the bushing that allows the arm to moved from side to side on the bolt head and the roof to bounce on the bolt head, hence the rattle.

I ordered some inexpensive nylon washers from They are part #15949, a washer 19mm in diameter with a 10mm hole. They are 1.58mm thick. The bolts can be easily removed from the sunroof when it is open using the appropriate Torx wrench. I disassembled and replaced the bolts one at a time while the roof was open and was very careful not to activate the roof while a bolt was removed. The roof can be slid relative to the arm fairly easily once the bolt is gone and one of the washers can be slid onto the boss on the roof flange. The boss happens to be 10mm in diameter so it’s a good fit. The arm can then be repositioned with the washer interposed between the roof and the arm. The bolt can then be reinstalled. The washer gets rid of the slop between the arm and the roof. The washer is compressed slightly when the bolt is fully tightened. Of course the arms need to rotate a bit on the bolt heads when the roof closes completely. Nylon is pretty slippery stuff so it allows things to move without lubrication. I put a little dab of grease on the head of the bolt where it rides on the arm so there wouldn’t be any binding there. This procedure totally eliminated the rattle in my car.

I understand that the Model S sunroof has gone through multiple evolutions. This “fix” may not work on older cars. If I get a nasty note from Tesla telling me that I’ve voided the warranty by touching the car, I will remove this message. I was a mechanic for many years when I was young, however, and really don’t believe this modification will do any harm.

Bighorn | July 7, 2014

Great info!

Anthony J. Parisio | July 7, 2014


Wow, Thanks!

carlk | July 7, 2014

Am I just lucky or what? Pano on mine delivered over three months ago is very quite with no rattle or wind noise at all.

clinic | July 7, 2014

carik, I think your car must have been manufactured before the roof was "improved". If it's quiet, by all means leave it alone!

Brian H | July 10, 2014

Warranty voiding is limited to the specific items adjusted, and only given proof that that mod specifically was responsible. Worry not.