Supercharger stations installations, can they catch up?

Supercharger stations installations, can they catch up?

Winter 2013, which I'll assume is March of 2014 shows over 100 Supercharging locations. Currently at 20 something, can they really meet their goal ( or at least come close) in the next 5 months?

Brian H | October 11, 2013

Can they? Yes. Will they? Nobody knows, maybe not even TM.

ablack2004 | October 11, 2013

Slow and steady wins the race...I'd rather they get them in quicker, but if things take time, so be it...Its still a fine infrastructure they will have in place for the model S, X, and E or whatever comes out...

Amazing plan - by the time Gen 3 comes out, no customer will have to say they don't know where they could charge up in a pinch when out and about...

It just takes time...

DonS | October 16, 2013

I believe negotiations with landowners and permitting takes far longer than the construction. An agreement with a regional or national chain covering multiple locations could put Tesla back on track.

Brian H | October 16, 2013

One of the recent installations described exactly such an agreement. Forget which.

Ouija | October 17, 2013

Supercharger station under construction in Springfield, Oregon (next to Eugene).

ian | October 19, 2013

Three others in Oregon and NorCal ready to go but not announced yet too. ;-)

We're going to see an explosion of Superchargers now!


nwdiver93 | October 19, 2013

There's 6 in OR, CA, and AZ that should be on-line in a couple weeks.