Tesla affiliate program for website operators

Tesla affiliate program for website operators

I think Tesla should have an affiliate program for website operators so enthusiasts can take part in making Tesla Motors the number 1 car company in the world. Tesla could hook up with and have people be able to order their electric car online through Amazon. Since Amazon already has a nice affiliate system set up, website operators could just put links on their websites and Tesla would gain a huge sales group for not much expense. I would definitely sign up for the affiliate program for my website. Say a website operator puts a link for ordering a Tesla on their website and someone clicks on it and orders one online. The website operator could get 4% of the sales price for example.

It would help sales go way up.

Anyone here from Tesla that can get it done?

Vawlkus | February 24, 2011

This will not help sales at all, and Tesla needs to scale it's sales to match it's production capacity.

Russ Ewert | February 24, 2011

It would help sales because Amazon would have its millions of customers see the Teslas and website operators would help millions more see the Teslas and then we will need auto manufacturing plants in Detroit , Niagara Falls , and Texas to keep up with demand.

Think big

dsm363 | February 24, 2011

It's a good idea but not sure how well it will work at this point. Tesla is well over a decade or more from filling the capacity of the Tesla Factory. They're only planning on using about a tenth of the capacity for the Model S production.

Found this: 2006: Production at the Nummi plant peaks at 428,632 cars and trucks.

Timo | February 24, 2011

To make it clear, that dsm363 NUMMI plant figure is for one year production.

When that Model S starts to hit the streets and then the SUV -version of it, car starts to sell itself. You really don't need any third party to mess with it. When you consider buying BMW, do you go to I don't think so.

Buying some advertising space from major websites would be more than enough.

qwk | February 27, 2011

I agree with the above post. This is a horrible idea except for those like the original poster who will profit from it.

Tesla has over 4k reservations at a minimum of $5k a pop for a car nobody has driven. All that with no marketing/advertising. I think they will have no problem selling it once it is out.

Lerry | September 16, 2011

Hi, I am the owner of this website, and with the keyword "electric cars for sale' my website get a good position in search. For that I am want to find a website that provides an opportunity to follow an affiliate about electric cars. When looking on google I found this tread. For that whether teslamotors affiliate has an opening now? Because I wanted to follow a program like this.

Best Regards

VolkerP | September 17, 2011


try, it's a well managed and moderated forum. Threads are well sorted for different subjects. Subjects include not only Tesla cars, but EVs in general and of different makers, charging, and so on.

DavidAltmann | January 30, 2013

I totally agree with Russ: Tesla should have an affiliate program. Not only because it could help their sales but also because it's a logical step within their innovative overall approach.

Benz | January 31, 2013

I think this is a HORRIBLE idea.

Tesla Motors should not be in a affiliate program like the topic starter has opted for. He wants 4% per Tesla car that will be sold via their website!!!!! He must be out of his mind, he should be sent to a home for crazy people. He should see a doctor, urgently. LOL

These people only want to make money from the success of Tesla Motors, they just want a piece of the pie. These people smell money and they run around like hungry wolves. These people should mind their own business and they should stay away from Tesla Motors.

Don't let these people use Tesla Motors for their own gain. Because this wonderful company can do it on its own.

Advertising will be good. Just to get the people's attention to the name of the brand and the high quality of the product.

Therefore, I agree with Timo and qwk.

Alex K | January 31, 2013

@Benz | JANUARY 31, 2013: I think this is a HORRIBLE idea.

Just flag the post as inappropriate. If allot of people do that, it goes away.

Vawlkus | January 31, 2013

It won't be going away, count on that.

Benz | February 1, 2013

The only thing Tesla Motors need to be successful is good products. They have that already, and their products will get better and better. That is the power of Tesla Motors.

peggyjo | April 2, 2013

I is a good idea to find a way for the most people to participate in the evolution. Henry Ford was criticized for paying his workers too much and his response is if he did not do this how would they be able to afford his car. A successful affiliate could make a new customer for Tesla. Affiliate marketing let's even a 1 person marketing company promote something they are passionate about. This might be the only way a small guy can participate in this amazing revolution. Affiliates are paid on performance unlike paying for much advertising where they are paid whether there are results or not. Much of the advertising vehicles if being as proactive as an affiliate would have brought this amazing technology to fruition much sooner. Now that it is here. Let as many people participate as possible. Everyone needs a way to make an honest living.

frmercado | April 2, 2013

@ Alex K and Benz. Wow! So you just want to have the threads that you do not agree with deleted? Hmm, nice, very "open minded of you". Maybe we should also get rid of the first ammendment while we are at it! Yeez this is a forum, a place to expess ideas (all kinds). I guess you never heard of free market either? This is an American company, not a Company from socialist Europe. If it is a viable business idea that will increase the profit of TM I'm sure it will be implemented, if not, it will just be ignored.

I think that the more people know about Tesla and the more ways to reach out to people the better MHO.

Alex K | April 2, 2013

@frmercado | APRIL 2, 2013: @ Alex K and Benz. Wow! So you just want to have the threads that you do not agree with deleted?

I didn't say anything about disagreeing with this thread. I just pointed out what someone could do if they wanted to vote on deleting the thread.

TeslaRocks | April 2, 2013

It's a horrible idea. Why would Tesla pay someone else a commission for nothing, when it would only complicate the customer service and other aspects?

TeslaRocks | April 2, 2013

Also I forgot to say: is it that some people really don't understand the concept of "direct", or are they just jealous and looking for a way in for free? Luckily Tesla have competent management and will never fall for such lame gimmicks.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

The credibility of every owner would crash if they got commissions. The resposes would switch from, "Wow, tell me more" to "Yeah, yeah; you just want a slice of my money."

nikol001 | August 14, 2013

I believe Tesla is unlike any other car company and so it would be fitting for them to promote themselves in nontraditional ways. Affiliate marketing could be one of these ways, however I'm not sure Tesla would pay out per every car sold...but they could pay per lead. Even though Tesla has an amazing product that could (and does) sell itself, I still to this day run into people who haven't heard of the Model S. Good affiliates will be current or future Tesla car owners who are passionate about Tesla Motors and will promote the company with the best of intentions. After all, people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. Elon, get an affiliate program and I'll help spread the word...because I believe in Tesla.

Brian H | August 14, 2013

Not needed. Owners can't help selling, they're so psyched. Sometimes people push others to buy what they've bought to validate and justify their decision, but in the MS' case, it's real pride and pleasure that drives the promotion!

keithwhenline | January 25, 2015

I have already joined the SolarCity affiliate program and I am quite pleased to make some commissions while helping to find customers for SolarCity. I would love to do the same for Tesla. I know the oil and auto industry is fighting Tesla at every turn and I would love to support Tesla by advertising for them on my websites like I do for SolarCity. The gentleman's 4% commission is way out of line IMHO but more like $500 would be reasonable in my opinion. By the way I already advertise for Tesla and SpaceX for free because I believe in all the efforts where Elon Musk is stepping up to help humanity as a whole.

Brian H | January 26, 2015

Paying for it would wipe out most of its value.

sacredself | February 17, 2015

LOL at the person who thought that Tesla doesn't need an affiliate program or that people wanting to be affiliates for Tesla are a bunch of money-hungry scammers.

I found this thread because I have built several 6-figure websites, including one recently that made it to a global Alexa ranking of 89,000 in just 90 days from conception.

I've been wanting to write about something that I'm passionate about lately and be part of cause I really believe in. So I thought of creating a Tesla Uberfan type of site with videos, news, pics, and basically any and all things Tesla. I'm certain I could get the site from 0 visits per month to over 100,000 in 6 months or less. I'd love to do this, but obviously people who create this kind of premium advertising loyal to one brand need and deserved to be compensated for the product awareness they create.

I'm sure with traffic like that I could turn hundreds of people per year that otherwise would have bought a different car to take the leap to Tesla ownership. I literally knew nothing about Tesla two months ago, so I know the general public still has no idea what the features of a Tesla are. That they can basically never pay to refuel their cars ever again. That they can step out of their cars and watch the thing park itself. That an S with a P85D is the fastest-accelerate car on the road. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Tesla is one of the coolest things that has come along since I was born in 1978. I want to help. Where's my affiliate link Elon? I'm happy to go to bat for you.

Svenssons | February 17, 2015

Tesla Motors have paid exactly zero dollars in commercial and have orders and reservations for more cars than they produced last year. It would not help Tesla even if you have a site with 1 000 000 unique visitors each month because it would not build more cars. You should talk to Google instead and get money from the commercial on your site. I believe you would make money if you are as good as you say you are.

IV jr | May 20, 2015

Once Tesla gets affiliate program it's going to skyrocket its sales

DTsea | May 20, 2015

Iv jr funny. Since tesla has a waiting list and is production constrained how will that wprk?

Brian H | May 21, 2015

Dims just can't wrap their little heads around "not needing to market to get sales".

wayne | May 22, 2015

Do the words "production constrained" mean nothing to these "Tesla needs affiliate program" people?

mettzman | June 3, 2015

"Tesla needs affiliate program" people?'.....C'mon!

The point here is Tesla is still heavily misunderstood. 1%, 4%, $500, whatever. The amount of rock solid, down to earth information that a small niche site could offer would catapult social awareness.

I know about Elons' cross country trip with his own solar charge stations set up all over with the newer speed chargers, etc. but everyone I talk to is still oblivious and I live 20mins from Palo Alto!
And there's the torque, the traction and the range of a beast of this nature, people are still clueless and afraid or both.

If there ain't enough cars then there ain't enough cars but the future is at our boot heels. Amazon seems a bit cheesy but maybe it's not! Maybe that's exactly where we're headed. You don't know. And you don't know enough to judge a well meaning webmaster. Who's gonna buy these cars in the next 10-20 years? These young webtrotting hipsters riding scooters and driving smartcars...

"Get out of the new one if you can't lend a hand......."

I probably lost my case but "information" is the new commodity and google is cleaning house these days so get used to it!

Here's to the future!

Yeah, I can't afford a Tesla, yeah I'm a free thinking neohippie, No, you probably won't hear from me again but lot's of people are going to read this thread because "They" are all telling us aspiring marketeers to pick a niche we love and believe in and to think of high ticket items to promote....I'm the farthest from sleezy and "grubbing" and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Mettz out....

DTsea | June 3, 2015

So mettz you want to skim some cream as an affiliate by marketing Tesla because those computer oriented young hipsters cant figure out how to find Tesla on the internet? Do i understand this correctly?

mettzman | June 3, 2015

Quick answer, yes, but how to WANT to find AND understand....

long answer, I'm still working on it....

mettzman | June 4, 2015

I know about the media twisting things, the huge misconceptions out there and the "Jock" mentality....even in the Bay area which saddens me... So there's the "fear of sticking out" socially. . I've watched the industry for years now and all the politics involved.

I mean, the industry "snuck" an engine back into the "electric car" and simply slapped "Jetson" wheel skirts on the back and we all "bought it"!?

Before I even considered marketing, I had wished that I'd been the one to start the Endless sphere forum and lot's of review sites out there because they've helped me tremendously. I got heavily into electric bicycles because it was affordable and it is actually the best size/weight/power ratio to experiment with and learn from. I build all my own bikes and through alot of trail and error.
This makes me an educated consumer. So wouldn't my puny little story and experience, inspire others in a younger, hipper crowd? or better yet Bible belt young'ns getting out of college. One day...

I know about the leaps and bounds that TM is achieving... teaming up with asian battery manufacturers and such. Cutt'n out the middle man and lot's of "Red tape"...,genius, but even more so, tactical and strategic. And necessary....They know what they're doing. I don't dispute that. They're going to grow at a methodical rate and market how they want to market. I will watch from the sidelines, happily. And I will promote EV's forever, "cream" or no cream.
The EV subject is touchy in general and people as a whole are still oblivious to the very basic, practical benefits. Folks that are open are still stuck on Photovoltaics and regenerative braking as well as upfront costs and lack of infrastructure. It took years to embrace Lithium batteries and next it will be super conductors...

The point is, blogs and forums are our future for business, pleasure, self help, higher learning, social awareness, etc.....They're the only thing that we're going to trust in the future, but more importantly, the young ones will never feel isolated in there beliefs ever again. So social fears will go out the window...And Yes, then it's just about getting the right information to the right people at the right time in their lives.

Off to see how I can sell Velomobiles!

Red Sage ca us | June 4, 2015


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