Tesla Model S and Half Dome at Glacier Point, Elev 7200 feet, Yosemite, CA

Tesla Model S and Half Dome at Glacier Point, Elev 7200 feet, Yosemite, CA

What is more beautiful: Model S or Half Dome?? it is a close call but I pick Model S

mdemetri | July 12, 2013
mdemetri | July 12, 2013

3rd time:

Tâm | July 12, 2013


So beautiful indeed! Thanks for sharing stunning pictures of your Model S in the wild.

By the way, would you please share how you get there and back in term of charging? Did you charge at Harris Ranch and so on?

mdemetri | July 12, 2013

OK, last try:

mdemetri | July 13, 2013

Tam, we came from Gilroy with a max range charge (268 miles). We rented a house in Wawona (elev. ~4000 feet) and arrived with ~50 miles of rated range left from Gilroy. Luckily, we were able to use a dryer plug in the rental to charge back overnight to 242 miles rated range. Glacier point was ~28 miles from our rental with an elevation gain from ~4000 to 7200 feet. From there we drove to Yosemite valley and charged for 2 hrs and 40 miles at their Level 2 charger (in Yosemite Village at the 'Garage'; use recargo to find). We arrived back at the rental house with ~180 miles rated range remaining, having driven ~85 real miles and using ~100 miles of rated range. This despite the major elevation changes going from Wawona to Glacier Point to the Valley and then back to Wawona. The car performed incredibly well!!!

Brian H | July 13, 2013

The MS in the mountains has major advantages. Not only regen, but lack of oxygen-hunger.

Docrob | July 13, 2013

Yosemite village would be a great spot to see one or two supercharging bays with storage to reduce instantaneous demand on the local distribution systems. In fact I would love to see a Tesla partnership with the National park service to install superchargers in major national parks around the country. Considering the clean silent image of the Tesla seems like a logical partnership with this majestic scenery. These are not infrequently day trip destinations and fast charging would open such destinations to convenient Model S use.

Docrob | July 13, 2013

In a busier national park with hotels like Yosemite in addition to daytime use the Hotel Valets could charge 10-12 cars overnight with each supercharger bay, would be a great draw for Model S owners to hotels like the Ahwahnee.

Brian H | July 13, 2013

Yeah, national parks make a good exception to the "between home and destinations" guideline. Tourists come from all directions, so it makes sense to put them where all can access them.

mdemetri | July 13, 2013

Ya, SC at Yosemite and other National Parks would not have the problem of locals charging. It is the one destination where almost everyone are non-locals. It certainly would make taking the MS to National parks much much easier and less anxiety inducing.

Docrob | July 13, 2013

I'm pretty sure we 3 agreeing with each other is one of the signs of the apocalypse...

Brian H | July 13, 2013

The first sign will be pocks growing on your lips.

mdemetri | July 13, 2013

Docrub - LOL!!!!!

Only Tesla can now prevent the apocalypse by recognizing this rarest of alignments. If they do not act ASAP and put SC in National parks, this could be the end.....

panfireman | July 27, 2013

Any details on the rental house? Might be a good way to get to Yosemite from the Bay area which is almost a 4 hour drive and then rest overnight then tour the next day and drive home.

mdemetri | July 27, 2013

We rented Cabin 51R in 'The Redwoods at Yosemite', in Wawona. It was a perfect base to charge up and travel to glacier point and Yosemite Valley.

negarholger | July 27, 2013

@mdemetri - What kind of outlets do they have? Extension cord required? Thanks.

Cattledog | July 27, 2013

docrob - Great idea, +1. I'll let the three of you tell the rest of us when to prepare for imminent doom...

Brian H | July 27, 2013

I already told you. A pock o'lips!

mdemetri | July 27, 2013


They have a NEMA 10-30 dryer plug. A 50 ft 50amp NEMA 14-50 extension cord with a 'NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 10-30' adapter is required. Don't forget to reduce amps in the car to 24amps before plugging in and beginning the charge.

negarholger | July 27, 2013

@mdemetri - I looked at cabin 51 first which has no washer/dryer listed, therefore my question. Cabin 51R looks perfect. I have all of the above...
We want to take my wife's 70+ year old parents to Yosemite - they are 30+ years in CA but never seen Yosemite. Hourlong charging somewhere at an RV campgrpund is not an option... but this solution looks perfect. Thanks for the tip.

mdemetri | July 27, 2013


They have a washer/dryer. See for more details. It's a great rental. Have fun.

nav66 | July 28, 2013

@Mdemetri - absolutely wonderful. My wife and I are itching to try the Yosemite thing. We'll probably wait until the Highway 395 SC's are up and running so we can make a longer trip, go see Mono Lake, etc.

Brian H | July 28, 2013

Why wait? It's not as if you'll "use up" Yosemite on the first visit. Do both trips!

djm12 | December 23, 2013

Just saw this thread. I made the trip from LA to Yosemite a few weeks ago in our Model S 60. We departed LA, hit Tejon Ranch, hit Harris Ranch, and then eased our way uphill to the Tenaya Lodge. After about an hour, the valets were able to clear the ICE from the Level 2 chargers at the resort. We drove into the valley with a friend, but could have easily drove our Tesla as well.

Coming back was interesting. We left the resort with 188 miles range (and a very cold battery), but used hardly any of it going downhill to Oakhurst. It appeared that we would have about 20 miles to spare getting to Tejon Ranch, so we drove there directly instead of using the out-of-the-way Harris Ranch SC. By slowing down a bit, we made it to Tejon with 4 miles to spare. Yikes.

Lessons learned.
1. The national parks need much better EV infrastructure
2. Public Level 2 chargers would be helpful every 5-10 miles or so on primary roads
3. Tesla SCs are awesome - wish there were more of them
4. Remember to account for going uphill and downhill

mdemetri | December 23, 2013


I also went straight to Tejon Ranch from Yosemite, avoiding Harris ranch. We left with ~240 rated miles and arrived at Tejon without any range anxiety (I think it was ~60 rated miles remaining, but my memory could be off a little).

So downhill from Yosemite to Tejon Ranch is easily doable if you leave with 90%+ charge. The issue is being able to get that level of charge while at the park. IMO, superchargers in or around National Parks is an absolute must.

PJDoty | December 23, 2013

Ditto on just finding this thread. To answer the first question, "yes, it's close, but I love Yosemite so the background gets my vote"(sorry Tesla).
nav66: Are there really going to be SC's on Hwy 395? Looks like a dot for 2014 around Bishop.

shs | December 23, 2013

We live about 6 miles from Yosemite at 3800 ft elevation, and with a max charge (85 kWh) can easily make it to Tejon on the way to LA. Because of the elevation gain, coming home calculated to be doable, but close. Given the time it takes to get a max charge on the road and a headwind, we decided to continue up 5 to Harris Ranch and added a few miles there before turning for home. Better safe than sorry. A supercharger in either Merced or Mariposa would make it easy. A Fresno SC would also work for this trip, but Mariposa or Merced would serve those coming from the bay areas as well as the south.