Tesla Model S killer comes to market

Tesla Model S killer comes to market

As can be seen in the link below, the end is near for starling Tesla.

The Dutch university TU Eindhoven plans to commercialze a 4 seat solar powered energy positive car with 600km range.

PDC necessary and hopefully included :D

Article in Dutch, sorry for that. Maybe google translate can assist.

wolfpet | August 7, 2013

OMG! Beauty! I'm going to sell my Model S as soon as this thing comes to market.

RZippel | August 7, 2013

I rather wait until this is not ripped into pieces in a crash test against even a Polo (or by a Pedelec :-). The laws op physics apply everywhere, a huge step forward would require more energy density in the batteries. But other than that as long as you build a car that is safe, comfortable, etc. you will not see miracles...

cloroxbb | August 7, 2013

Hahahaha. Function over form eh? I really do not think Tesla is over, haha.

tobi_ger | August 7, 2013

@wolfpet - LOL, nice played

Seriously, it's a work in progress and - if making it to the market - for a certain group of buyers.
I respect those guys' efforts and hopefully not everyone starts bashing it like the i3, it won't be in a competition to the MS/X but an addition to the EV market.

bradslee | August 7, 2013


Well, I think if this Dutch solar powered car is equipped with front parking sensor, enough front and back cup holders, both side coat hangers and big pocket on each car door, I am also going to join you to sell my MS!

wolfpet | August 7, 2013

And vanity mirrors! You forgot vanity mirrors!!!

JAFIC | August 7, 2013

and Parking sensors ! and self parking technology and rear camera with projectory.

RedShift | August 7, 2013

At least they have duct tape to fix the wind noise issue at 70 mph. Does your Model S have that?

herkimer | August 7, 2013

Look at the back end on this beautiful car! Parallel parking will require super-sensors, and still be tricky! And no Model S's will be drafting behind one of these guys.....

Mathew98 | August 7, 2013


My jaws dropped so wide no words can describe this prototype. My first impression of it is like a cross between the Alien head and a giant sperm tail...

It sure is a looker... Excuse me while I go get a barf bag...

Vicelike | August 7, 2013



You need a tongue in cheek icon for this board.....

heinera | August 7, 2013

No way I will buy this thing until it comes with a pano roof.

redacted | August 7, 2013

@heinera you got my comment exactly.

Although it does have fins. Well, fin. Horizontal. Fin.

Geert.Snijders | August 7, 2013

@Roflmfao: sorry, my cheek is to small for my tongue...

AmpedRealtor | August 7, 2013

Love! I've finally found a car with a bigger ass than I... :)

tobi_ger | August 7, 2013

It's the new dutch Shortbus.

Geert.Snijders | August 7, 2013

@Tobi: no it actually is modelled like a big wooden shoe. On wheels...

justineet | August 7, 2013

With that size solar panel it would take u 3 days to charge for 20 miles's great if u want to drive ur car once every 3 days :) | August 7, 2013

This will surely decrease the TSLA stock value tomorrow.... :)

bradslee | August 7, 2013

Projecting to have an annual production of 21,001 in 2101?

madbuns | August 7, 2013

Well, aside from the humor (in the cosmetics), the fact that there are other firms that are really looking at mechanisms to create range that manages concerns (and rivals Tesla) can only be good for the company.

The first motor vehicle was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in the late 1700s, a steam-based military tractor used by the French Army.

The first electric vehicles were built in the early 1800s and attributable to a number of people in a variety of countries within the same decade.

The first production motor vehicles (ICE) were built by Karl Friedrich Benz (yes, that Benz), Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler (yes that Daimler) and Wilhelm Maybach (...yes...) in the late 1800s in Germany.

While there were a number of production EVs made, they never reached volumes that could possible be considered mass-market.

And then came Tesla.

Tesla will be here for a long time (but I hope I get mine in the short-term) and will likely be remembered for completely changing the image of the EV (and, if implied strategy suggests, will be stamping mass-market mid-range EV volume in the 2017 timeframe).

While the business model seems to still be in development (pricing, sensorgate, timing), I am sure that Tesla Motors will never be lost in the dust...

Bring on competitors and speed electric to the mainstream. The shift can only be good for us (the early and post-beta adopters).

machmike | August 7, 2013

I can't believe this whole thread. I expect everyone to post your VIN numbers, delivery dates, and I want a thread for this conversation in the private area just to prove this super funny thread is only commented on by owners and not anyone else. This totally smells like something almost not funny and this is somehow hurting my lifestyle and Tesla. I think everyone is fake, and out to ruin my non-ownership experience.

One more thing, i can totally see how this competition is making every p85 owner's tires totally wear out 5% more everyday the sun shines on this car. Certainly the deliver experience of that polished turd that runs on sunlight will scratch and damage my non-existent delivery experience as well.

Someone had to say it....
<--throws on tin foil hat and runs around giggling.

gill_sans | August 7, 2013

@madbuns +1

When I read the topic, I was both anxious and intrigued that someone might have pulled off a viable competitor to Tesla with a 370-mile-range EV. I want my TSLA stock to keep increasing, heh, but in the long run Tesla competition can only benefit customers and global EV acceptance. If I recall correctly, Elon said at Teslive that he was expecting more EV competition to come out of the woodwork (and he was disappointed that it hadn't yet).

Alas, this particular bulbous stretched-out solar-powered recreational vehicle from Eindhoven is clearly an experimental prototype. But in the grand scheme it's another step in the path toward sustainable transport.

ian | August 7, 2013

^ Puts tin foil hat on and joins machmike in running around and giggling.

ENGINEER | August 7, 2013

I don't know, it's taken Tesla 10 years to finally make a profit on selling an electric car, and they've still got a ways before it's mass market. Also, if there's solar panels on the top, why does it have a range? Wouldn't it be able to go much further?

Either way, I don't want to drive a bus. 'Function over form' is a frightening term in any scenario, and for only four seats? No thanks.

It's very possible that Tesla will never come up against a serious competitor until it's too late to take them out. Every single other car company automatically loses money on selling electric cars because they'd have to shift focus from profitable ICE selling. GM and Nissan keep trying to slash the prices of their cars to make it seem like Tesla has competition while in reality they're selling the cars at a near loss. Tesla Motors is and has been 100% electric, and that's why ICE dominated companies aren't pushing to make more competitive EVs, because they can't afford to compete.

alcassfast | August 8, 2013

Hmm, Sponge Bob finally got his license.

lyonel | August 8, 2013

Tesla should talk to these guys so they can incorporate a solar range extender. Now that would be sweet.

Tesla-David | August 8, 2013

@madbuns +1
Thanks for the informative post. Good to see Tesla now has some serious competition. ;0)

Brian H | August 8, 2013

Unless you make a huge tabletop surface like the Eindhoven abomination, there's only enough incident sunlight for a mile or two a day. Some range! Some extension!

Liz G | August 8, 2013

It looks like something out of Futurama.