Tesla Model S vs Maserati Ghibli

Tesla Model S vs Maserati Ghibli

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was considering a Maserati Ghibli when purchasing their MS. If so, what were the advantages of the MS in your view?


TytanX | June 17, 2015

I plug in my Tesla everynight. Takes about 5 seconds. Save me 5 minutes at the gas station twice a week. The ten minutes I save every week more than covers the time spent at the FREE superchargers when I travel.

Keith, you arent going to get anyone agreeing with you here. Why dont you take your posts to the maserati forums? Or are they too busy talking about how much quicker the Model S is?

Bighorn | June 17, 2015

Who's to know if I were similarly dropped--that sort of thing is typically swept under the rug, stiff upper lip, etc. Me mum spent several of her formative years in a body brace for severe scoliosis, so her coordination may have suffered, sitting out gym class and all--bugger if I know. I'm approaching the 100,000 km mark several fortnights shy of two years. Not quite a pensioner, I do make time for lengthy holiday, which is really the only time a supercharger might be engaged. Having driven extensively around Europe on several occasions, the perception of this Yankee is that everything is just a stone's throw. In contradistinction, our nearest mall is over 200km away and Tesla service is nearly 700km. You'd have to confer with a fellow Tory or Whig about issues with regard to supercharger availability, but I can assure you it's been no inconvenience to me. Whilst it does not involve expeditiously getting petrol on your hands and shoes, charging either occurs whilst aslumber or during a break from a lengthy commute which can occur concomitant to bodily refueling or elimination. It's really quite enjoyable--you should have a go.
Respectfully, an unapologetic colonist-

barrykmd | June 17, 2015

I don't know if this has been answered yet, as I didn't read the entire thread.

Ghibli is arabic for a hot wind of North Africa.

Mathew98 | June 17, 2015

@Bighorn - Love your fake British accent...

jordanrichard | June 17, 2015

Keith, some of our SUVs have 22 gallon gas tanks, which would take longer than 5 mins to fill.

Also, you are just counting the filling time disregarding the time to wait in line, do the whole payment thing, filling the tank and leaving. Before I got my MS, I timed how long it took me to turn off the road, get gas and get back on the road. I only had to wait behind 1 car and the whole experience took 15 minutes. At home, it takes me 5 secs.

On a road trip, or as you call it a "holiday", you will have to stop to eat at some point. Usually those stops last anywhere from 30 mins to and hour. In that time, my car is charging. For those times that one needs a charge and isn't around meal time, after 2-3 hours of driving, one probably needs to at least use the bathroom or stretch ones legs. Here again, the car is charging itself while you go off and do what you need to do.

Also let me say that is you sense that people are jumping on you over this, it's more about the assertions you made, without knowing all the facts. | June 17, 2015

Mclary? | June 17, 2015

Sorry, I see Mclary has already appropriately flagged this silly Pythonesque thread.

7LJT8 | June 17, 2015

I want another Tesla after having this one for 4 months. Have a hard time even looking at my other car anymore. Being able to plug in every night and not having to visit a gas station is the best.

NKYTA | June 17, 2015

Bighorn, down to three on the SC list?!? For shame. Vacation time!! :-)

luckyluciano | June 17, 2015

The "M" in Maserati stands for MEDIOCRE! If that is who you are. then that is who you are. Enough said. Have you even driven the P85D? How can you even begin to compare to those grossly overpriced Italian Flops. I am Italian so I can say this with confidence.
The Ghibli is rated a lousy 3 star car by many magazines even in Europe.
As McClary whatever says..."What is the point of this thread?"

Bighorn | June 17, 2015

I know--I was just as shocked--someone came in with 40-50 additions to their list. I may have to reconsider my European Vacation, though FL in August sounds miserable:( Bollocks!

NKYTA | June 17, 2015

Simple, if costly solution, ship the freakin Tesla ahead of time. ;-)

renwo S alset | June 17, 2015

JBH. Try Santa Cruz.

renwo S alset | June 17, 2015

Where the **** did the J come from?

Mathew98 | June 17, 2015

Fell off the f'ing Junk??? Now you're left with just an "unk"...

Red Sage ca us | June 17, 2015

keithshayle123 offered, "However within three years

Dude. You have seriously got to tell us where to catch your comedy act. Your standup must be hilarious!

DTSea inquired, "And what the heck is a 'ghibli?'"

I would guess those parts of a chicken that my Mom had to give up eating so much of because they inflamed gout attacks.

Brian H | June 17, 2015

You keep referring to "charging points" being occupied. This brings to mind the Level 240V outlets, and the red and blue plugs Bjørn was at such pains to find before the Continent filled with Superchargers. They are single-user slow chargers, irrelevant to SC use comparison. Most SC stations have 4-20 stalls, rarely all in use simultaneously, and you are waiting for the next stall to clear. Rarely more than a very few minutes.

BTW, if your deliberately provocative assessments are common or typical in the UK, I can only quote Mr. T. "I pity *** *****." ;p

NomoDinos | June 17, 2015

This thread is oddly entertaining! :D

I'm seeing a whole lot of Ghibli's out here in LA. They're running a super cheap lease deal (like $499 or something).

My friend actually approached the driver of a Ghibli, congratulated him on the purchase and asked what it was like not having to go to gas stations anymore... they looked at each other confused for a bit, until my buddy realized it wasn't a Model S. Whoops.

wildcatzoo | June 18, 2015

Kieth, you are an entertaining thread maker. I rarely will read through three pages of a thread this silly, but here I am.

You stated:"Who knows driving long distance across the U.S may rival the time taken for the original pioneers who headed west in their horse and carts!!! :)"

I just drove 1700 miles in 36 hours by myself in an 85 Model S. The car was ready to go before I was at every stop, and I never had to wait for others to finish charging before I could begin.

Many people told me of the desire to own a Tesla on this trip, when have you heard anyone tell you they desire what you drive?

In a very short time the Super Charger network has grown out, and where I saw many signs on my route that said something like "Last gas for XX miles, I saw no signs saying there would be no electricity for that many miles. Fact is that there are far more places to gain energy in a Tesla than in any ICE.

Add to that factor I never feared overheating, belts breaking, or transmission fluids leaking. It was 105 degrees as I came south through Northern CA and the one fear I considered was global warming.

When I see a Lamebo, mAsserati, Poorch, or even Bugitall I think or say: That car sucks gAss.

I am not alone in that thought, and many people now see those cars as stupid people driving.

Just thought you might like to know the looks you are getting are not people aspiring to be you, they are laughing at you.

Best, Eric

JayInJapan | June 18, 2015

Last month I drove 1,800 km in 44 hours, and we don't even have a Supercharger network in Japan yet. I used my HPWC to start the trip, a couple of Superchargers at the destination, and CHAdeMO in between. I'll never go back to a gasoline-powered car again. I haven't driven our Honda CRV in months now.

I had so much fun doing that drive, I plan on doing it again next week. ;-)

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

The point of my original comment some 3 pages ago, was to answer with my opinion the question posed by the person who started the thread. As someone who was considering both cars I think above and beyond a lot of the nonsense posted by various Tesla lovers, my response would be the most relevant. That's if Daniel was really looking for an answer that didn't just repeat the virtues of the Model S.
Beyond that Mr Musk must be overwhelmed by the level of brand allegiance displayed.
Perhaps all get together and have a statue of him erected in some location? You could even have a charging plug in the hand of the statue so that it serves an even more useful purpose than that just of pure adulation! ;)
As always best regards

Opafiets | June 18, 2015

@jordanrichard: keith, what are these typical Motorway speeds that would only give you 150-180 miles of range? Here in the Northeast (U.S), we typically drive 75 mph. At those speeds, one could still get 210 miles of range. With the density of superchargers, that is more than enough to travel. As the density of superchargers increase in the UK, it too will be a non issue.

75 mph would seem rather slow on many motorways. Outside of cities about 85-90 mph is more typical with folks over 100 quite usual. Between Edinburgh and Dundee I'd typically go around 110. Unless I was an HGV I think it'd feel dangerous to go 75 for fear of someone rear ending me. This is all quite safe too. I think someone driving on a U.S. road is something like 4 times as likely to be killed as someone driving on a UK (or anywhere in the EU?) motorway.

I love my P85D and it works great for me and the driving that I do but if I had to spend much time doing longer distances on motorways it would be quite frustrating the way it goes through energy at higher speeds.

Ankit Mishra | June 18, 2015

Elon inspires me to do something good for other people by solving problems humanity is facing. I wont certainly be interested in erecting statues or other stuff.

david | June 18, 2015

I decided to browse the main Model S thread as my new P85D went into production yesterday and I can't concentrate on work at the moment.. I took delivery of my UK Right Hand Drive P85+ last year as one of the first UK owners and ordered my P85D as soon as it became available last October. Prior to initial purchase last year I did for a split second, consider a Maserati amongst others but thought better of it.
In defence of Keith, in the UK there is a small but rapidly growing take up of the Model S. In one year of ownership, I have only ever seen two other Model S's on the road so I get where he is coming from with regards identity. The UK has only had the Model S since June 2014, we are still new to it, it is not like the US where you probably see at least one on the road every day.
@Keith - I completely disagree with just about every other point you made I'm afraid.. In the interest of friendly and lively debate from someone else in Blighty:

Cost of running/ownership - I went from a W12 Audi to the Tesla. My company bought the car and now my personal bank account is better off to the tune of £500 each month due to my commute to work. I have more power, comfort and have my ego polished all the time by passers by and it's costing me far less! The purchase of the car was an allowable expense for my company saving rather a lot of corporation tax however I do appreciate this option is not available to all. It is too simplistic to compare road tax, parking and congestion charge. What about compounding the fuel cost of the Maserati over a year and perhaps you should include the hilarious cost of maintaining one too!

I drove from Scotland to Cornwall (Lands End) on my holiday last year with the whole family and the two massive boots (Trunks) full of luggage/bikes etc. Range anxiety was never an issue as stopping for lunch and unscheduled pee breaks for the kids allowed enough charge to cover the journey without waiting. Oh and it cost me nothing as the charge points were free to use! A Maserati would have burned its way through well over £1,000 for that family holiday. Oh and it's possible to see whether most charging points are occupied in advance whilst on your trip so you don't need to take detours, you simply navigate to one that is clear.

The Model S is the ultimate executive car but as above the perfect family car when it needs to be. It tells me each morning whether there are delays on the road to work and shows me on Google traffic where the hot spots are. Think of all that wasted fuel in your Maserati as it burbles away in a queue! It also has a flippin great Ipad screen with a browser that I use all the time for on the go research or during telephone calls (when stationery of course) List is too long for this post of all the other things the Tesla does that a Maserati doesn't..

"No one is going to say - wow you've got a Tesla" I don't even know where to start with that one. It has reached the point of being irritating how often I get approached or people hang about outside the car waiting for me to get out so they can ask me about it. My children even use the phrase whenever someone asks me and I go off on one - 'Blah Blah Blah - boring Tesla talk"
I have NEVER experienced such interest in any car I have had and I have owned and driven some exotic stuff. Maserati was a bad choice if you get your jollies from people asking about your car. (which we all do)

Only reason to own a Maserati is the AMAZING noise they make, putting a Diesel in one should be a criminal offence.

Keith I think you made a bad choice, but I do accept that it seemed like the right one at the time. You can still redeem yourself, buy a Tesla and you will never look back!

Warmest regards


Mathew98 | June 18, 2015

That bloke @David spreads the gospel of truth. Where will your next sermon be held?

Excellent counterpoints to quash the misconceptions.

Mathew98 | June 18, 2015

@keith - I would faithfully caress all over my erect statue any day of the week!

david | June 18, 2015

Amen brothers and sisters

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

You make a very convincing argument, and it will probably surprise you to learn that I too stopped a Tesla Driver when I saw the first one in the UK last year. He rather like you was very pleased with his choice.
I think for me the idea of spending that much money on a relative unknown was the sticking issue. Also to some degree, and much to the annoyance of our American friends, is badge snobbery. For example a Mercedes S Class is technically and dynamically superior to a Bentley, but there is something about saying you have a Bentley. On a smaller scale I feel the same is true of a Maserati and Tesla. I have certainly received favourable comments from colleagues and family etc. If you know your cars a Tesla will certainly be a talking point, until more all electric cars appear, but if your the average man in the street you wont have a clue what Tesla means.
Finally, and whilst this isn't the place, just to briefly mention the reason for going with the Diesel. Its £4,500 cheaper, and I am coming from a Jaguar 3.0 V6 XF Diesel which I found fine for my needs. Also thanks to stop start I wont need to sit stationary in traffic burning fossil fuels, although my brief experience of such a feature, will probably mean I will turn that function off.

P.S. I hear, and I may be wrong Tesla are launching a watch. No doubt it will be super accurate, but would you really buy one if it cost the same as a Vasheron Constantin or Patek Philipe... I think not! Heritage counts for an awful lot......

david | June 18, 2015

On the badge snobbery/talking point of a Tesla - I accept that we may be coming from different sides of a very similar argument. I am 40 years old, married to the perfect wife and have two wonderful kids. My need to impress anyone with the BRAND of car I am driving has diminished somewhat in recent years. When I originally bought the Tesla, I was focused on the gadgetry, savings, practicality + performance combination, and because I thought it looked a bit like a Maserati!
My reason for originally wanting a Maserati was to be able to drive through tunnels and hear the lovely V8, even though I accepted I would probably look like a middle aged guy in a nice car. I thought with a silent Tesla no one would notice the middle aged slightly balding guy but boy was I wrong. Even though it doesn't make any noise people everywhere notice it. When it is sitting plugged in somewhere people knock the bl**dy window and interrupt you to ask what it is. It doesn't matter that they don't know what it is, it is different enough that it provokes a response car nut or no car nut.
The tesla watch was an April fool thankfully, so I will keep my Swiss timepiece. The question I suppose is what circles you are in and what impresses the people around you. My colleagues friends and family all love that I have a Tesla as do my clients. Had a bought a Maserati it would have been regarded as a mid life crisis, whereas my Tesla is a mid life crisis in disguise.

Warmest regards


p.s. you still made the wrong choice, buy the Tesla.
Herein endeth the sermon.

DTsea | June 18, 2015

The watch was an april fools joke. You know, understated American humor.

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

Good point and well made.And I am sure your post will earn you plenty of points with your wife!!;)
For me the Tesla ticks plenty of boxes.
Technology - I am a big fan of Adaptive Cruise Control having specified it on my last three cars, and Tesla's Auto Pilot if they can get it to do what they promise will be a massive step forward towards autonomous driving. Plus all the other benefits of the huge infotainment screen.
Refinement- clearly the silent motors tick that box.
The running costs are also a massive plus, particularly living near and travelling to London with all the parking costs and congestion charge. To say nothing of fuel and rfl savings.

However... I have been a Jaguar owner for some twenty years (I just turned 50 years old by the way), and the reason has been they have always had that unique interpretation of an executive car with a special cabin ambience, rather than the usual German suspects. Regrettably their latest cars, the new XE and the all new XF appear to be moving in that direction, which I suppose they have to do to increase sales.

When I went to look the Ghibli, whilst it lacks the technology particularly ACC, it has the look and feel of a top end luxury car, but at a more accessible price. In other words fitting into the space that Jaguar seem to be leaving. Additionally a Maserati, given that they traditionally cost a lot more, is considered a top end vehicle, a sort of Italian Bentley if you will, and whilst a bit vane I admit, this is a coat tail I can jump onto without the initial outlay. Although I have had to specify a number of pricey cabin upgrades to achieve the look. Final cost £68-69k. Similar to a Tesla S 70D with options.

I just think that when the Tesla becomes the success that it will undoubtedly be, and with smaller cheaper models due to appear, it will become just another premium car like so many of its German competition, almost becoming a victim of its own success- very efficient, as advanced as its rivals when they do launch their electric equivalents, BUT lacking that special X Factor quality. A bit like how I felt with a Lexus GS hybrid I bought in 2006 after a few years, a bit soulless.

Anyway the Ghibli is due for July build, so we will see in due course whether I have indeed made the wrong decision!!


I am 50 years old, and have been a Jaguar owner almost exclusively for some twenty years. I always liked there unique interpretation of a premium brand, coupled with luxury, and . I think Maserati with their new more price accessible Ghibli. Performance, given the traffic and number of cameras is becoming of lesser significance

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

Appoligies by the way for the last paragraph which was going to be the second paragraph !!!!!!!

Roamer@AZ USA | June 18, 2015

Can I get back the three minutes of my life I wasted on this thread.

If you need brand name products to have self esteem you are exactly the person marketing people love to exploit.

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

Sorry it took you so long to read.
I will make it easy and sum it up for you.
If you want a big family hatchback devoid of character charm or passion, but is fast and cheap to run buy a Tesla.
If you want something exotic buy a Maserati.
By my calculation that should, even if you read slowly, take only about 15 seconds to read.
Best wishes...

Bighorn | June 18, 2015

Good luck finding a cool group of Maserati owners:)

keithshayle123 | June 18, 2015

In terms of entertainment you are right, and your post yesterday certainly brought a smile to my face. In all seriousness its great you enjoy the car you bought, were all different and like different things. I hope you have many more miles (despite being part of the European Union, the UK measures in imperial miles) and years of enjoyment from your Model S. And it was great to meet you and your compatriots on this site!

david | June 18, 2015

@Keith - I think a couple of small corrections are required in your summary above.
If you want a big family hatchback, kitted out like a starship, that can destroy even the fastest Maserati but is cheaper to run than a Smart Car, buy a Tesla.
If you want to be able to tell people you have an exotic car at parties but are too much of a tightwad to run the lovely sounding V8, buy a Maserati diesel. :-p

Agree wholeheartedly with your interpretation of Jaguars, had a couple and loved them. Still time to cancel your Maserati order and do the sensible thing, it hasn't been built yet.


jordanrichard | June 18, 2015

keith, this is an old expression but, ..."prestige and 50 cents, gets you a soda"

We too in the "colonies" have badge seekers, unfortunate for them, that will be a never ending endeavor.

wildcatzoo | June 18, 2015

@Kieth - Still time to cancel your Maserati order and do the sensible thing, it hasn't been built yet.

Second that. If in fact you are right [(TESLA) will become just another premium car like so many of its German competition] than in a decade when Tesla falls victim to the Tesla brand's success, sell it and go buy that which you think has the status you desire. Sounds like you really don't hold onto cars for longer than that anyway.

Right now worldwide everyone really wants a Tesla.

Some may not know it yet, but it is a lot of fun to show them!

Some of us can say we are helping change the world simply with our purchase. What is it you will be funding with a Maserati and Diesel fuel purchases?

Red Sage ca us | June 18, 2015

kiethshayle123 admitted, "When I went to look the Ghibli ... it has the look and feel of a top end luxury car..."

Ah. You do realize the Tesla Model S is not a luxury car, right? It is an expensive, performance, economy car. Take a look through Tesla Motors' website -- they don't mention the word 'luxury' even once in describing their products. Meanwhile, every traditional automobile manufacturer's website, from Hyundai through Mercedes-Benz has the word plastered all over the place. You know, along with all the rest: tradition, heritage, style, elegance, refinement...

Wait. I wrote this already, didn't I...?

Red Sage ca us | MARCH 31, 2015

There is for some an absolute necessity to associate luxury with exclusivity. Further, they associate luxury with tradition, elegance, and refinement. Much of this luxury is borne by heritage and history as well.

None of that matters to me in the slightest.

lennier | June 18, 2015

That anyone would factor brand snobbery in to their decision to spend large amounts of money on a car simply amazes me.

jordanrichard | June 18, 2015

Keith, "exotic" is relative. By definition, exotic one of the meanings is rare. In that case, a Tesla is far more exotic than your Maserati, in the UK. Here in CT, every other day I get people staring at the car, particularly passengers in passing cars or at traffic lights. So here the Model S is an exotic.

On the other hand there is Southern California, where there are so many of them, it's jokingly called the "California Camry".

keithshayle123 | June 19, 2015

to the life threatening issue of my car suddenly and summarily shutting down and engaging the emergency brake just as I was accelerating to merge onto a highway.

Above taken from this forum! I know everyone on here says the Tesla S exciting. I didn't realise it was that exciting!!!

Mathew98 | June 19, 2015

With AWD, if one motor fails, the other one will continue to operate and takes on the full load. It may not accelerate as fast as the dual motors configuration, but it surely avoid any single motor failures.

There's your built in redundancy right there, pal.

So what do you do when a diesel engine suddenly shutters and stalls in the highway?

keithshayle123 | June 19, 2015

Mathew it wasn't so much a motor failure I would be worried about, but the fact that the car automatically applied the parking brake!!!
If it were danger sports I were interested in I would take up sky diving...

Ankit Mishra | June 19, 2015

Well, keep on digging. A lot more exciting stuff to be found, just like any other car. The service and care of those stuff is one of the best in the world though.

inconel | June 19, 2015

We are actually starting to hear more of unexpected emergency braking behavior because of "bugs" in many manufacturers Anti Collision System. Growing pains of a new system that will probably be mandatory in a few years. From this point of view and if Keith is technophobe then he is indeed lucky to own a piece of old technology that does not have the system yet.

Of course this needs to be balanced out with how many times the system saves people from collisions. I guess the news will focus more on the system unexpected behaviors vs. collisions on cars without the system but that could have been avoided with.

inconel | June 19, 2015

To re-use the sky diving analogy is it equivalent to not wanting to use parachutes in sky diving because of the few instances of parachute malfunctioning?

f3rretus | June 19, 2015

@DTsea - I think keith_ means Gibby on iCarly.

jordanrichard | June 19, 2015

Acura is currently recalling a bunch of cars because of this unintended braking problem.