Tesla Ownership Updates/Email

Tesla Ownership Updates/Email

I have confirmed my order for the Tesla Model S on June 21, almost 3 weeks ago.

I have not received any updates regarding my car. I recently sent emails to both ownership@teslamotors and NASales@teslamotors but have not received a response yet.

Is there supposed to be this long of a pause between updates. I was hoping to receive a rough delivery estimate and wanted to start the process of applying to Tesla Financing.

Is there any steps I should take right now? Or is it normal to just keep waiting.

Thank you for all the help


Theresa | July 9, 2013

Very normal. Communication is not Tesla's strength. I know, it is frustrating but you are joining the long list of us who have already experienced the poor communication.

ken | July 9, 2013

Wrote Tesha HQ several times and have never received any replies.. I haven't ever thought a company like Tesla would be like that, but guess that there is room for improvement!

pgiralt | July 9, 2013

They have generally been pretty good when you call. Also, when I've made a request from the web page contact form, I usually get a call back from them within a day.

elguapo | July 9, 2013

I agree with @pgiralt. Every time I called they were very helpful and picked-up quickly. E-mail responses were spotty. Just call them.

TMS P85 | July 9, 2013

Strange to hear they would be bad with emails considering they are selling cars off the Internet. LOL. Strange to hear that.

jbunn | July 9, 2013

Ah, you young kids.... back in the day we plunked down our nickles, then waited 2 years before we got news. No patience, these days.

Ps. Stay off my lawn!

Carefree | July 9, 2013

It'a a man power problem. They have been overwhelmed ever since the first Model S started shipping. None of this will matter anymore once you get the car! All these little hick-ups will be forgotten.

J.T. | July 9, 2013

You are hilarious!! My car's in the shop but that comment put the grin right back on my face.

J.T. | July 9, 2013

@carefree hiccups or hiccoughs. Now you know.

Colasec | July 10, 2013

Just sit tight. They were super-busy at the end of the quarter and then (supposedly) all had the entire week of Fourth of July off. I'm sure they're working through the backlog now and you'll see your Delivery button soon.

Captain_Zap | July 10, 2013

Phone calls are far more efficient than e-mail.
E-mail takes much more time out of a day.

SevenOfNine | July 10, 2013

Do you have a button on your Dashboard that says, "Delivery"? If so, push that button!

Capriena | July 10, 2013

I ordered my MS June 8th and got an email on June 23rd that it went into production. July 8th got an email on my final paperwork and delivery date of July 23rd. Dani has been really responsive and helpful. Great experience so far.

Superraz | July 11, 2013

I called and was told my Model S started production on July 5th. I did not receive an email about this however.

Still no delivery button, but I am anxiously awaiting and checking every couple hours.

You guys were correct... None of my emails were answered. However, I called and someone immediately picked up and answered my questions.

I advise everyone who has questions to contact Tesla Motors via phone calls.

Dcp9142 | July 11, 2013

My dates for comparison:

Order Finalized 6/24
Entering production email 6/26
Delivery specialist will call you email, finance application, trade in request 6/26
Auto nation offer for trade in 6/27
Finance approval 6/27
I called Tesla 7/5 for inquiry about insurance, asked about end of line date, which is 7/22
Delivery Specialist back from vacation, called and emailed me 7/8
On 7/8 delivery scheduled for 7/26 at Fremont
Final paperwork signed 7/10



eddiemoy | July 11, 2013

i finalized on 6/23. i called them yesterday, they said the parts are ready for build next week. but they couldn't give me exact time. they said typically takes 1 week for build... since i'm out in east coast, will take another week for delivery.

justineet | July 11, 2013

Emails are prone to spams and junk staff making them less efficient...better to call

Brian H | July 12, 2013

junk staff?