Tesla Store Hiring Policy?

Tesla Store Hiring Policy?

Is it just me or does Tesla prefer hiring "young white" people for their stores? I applied but was turned down by the Recruiter (Brandon W), even though I have "passion and knowledge" for EVs. I wish I was white.

herkimer | June 14, 2013

Before I finalized, when I went for a test drive and was discussing all things Model S in the Tesla store, one of the very helpful people who answered numerous questions for me, was a young black person. FWIW

PorfirioR | June 14, 2013

If you have any pride in who you are, you would not make statements like "I wish I was white".
I don't know what race you are, but what you sound like is bitter.

Do us all minorities a favor and quit blaming things on race.

If that is your attitude, what were you going to do after you got hired? Blame not getting the best shift, best parking spot, highest salary on your race? Stop the cycle now and show anyone who you perceive thinks less of you because your race that you can be successful, without any built-in excuses.

I would not let my kids for one second to even think about making statements like that.

cloroxbb | June 15, 2013

It's got nothing to do with Race man. At the showroom in DC there black and white employees. And all of them were great!

It's a nice change of pace when the "sales" people know as much about the car as I do. That doesn't happen much at dealerships. Especially the Chevy dealership when it comes to the Volt.

justineet | June 15, 2013 any organization there can always be a bad apple or two, or few mistakes by good people. But that doesn't represent the norm. But on the other hand the problem could also be of U --- U just did not fit or measure up!!!

rmp123 | June 18, 2013

Please don't talk to me about race. We live in a very prejudice and assumptious society. When I say, I wish I was "white" means having lighter skin or having a college degree. I am neither.

I have been passed over for promotions and called "names" at my last job. I have white folks who give me looks when I walk into their stores. I hate it. It causes me to have a complex.

This is my last comment on this subject. I made that statement and that is it.