Tesla / Uber / Lyft

Tesla / Uber / Lyft

Just throwing out an idea, interested to see if anyone else thinks this could work.

How about a partnership between the companies to supply leased vehicles to drivers, re-payments could be taken automagically per pickup as a multi-pronged beneficial offering:
* Better serve the community
* Better serve the environment
* More jobs for drivers
* Reduced overheads for drivers (servicing, oil, maintenance)
* Every passenger gets to experience a Tesla (advertising, exposure, a chauffeur driven test drive)
* Drivers get a shiny new Tesla!
* More Teslas on the road
* Insert a bunch more benefits here... stage 2 partners with Airbnb for airport to accommodation pickups through Uber/Lyft in Teslas.

All companies seem to be facing regulatory hangs ups.

IvanSanDiego | May 28, 2014

I actually ordered my Tesla (delivery late Aug) to use with Uber as did my brother.

olanmills | May 28, 2014

You are now on the Seattle City Council's hit list.

olanmills | July 24, 2014

I just signed up, but I don't know if I'll actually do it. I still have to complete the registration by uploading my some documentation which I have to wait to do until I get home.

Lyft allows you to rate passengers, but I don't know if Uber has that feature. If it doesn't then I probably won't do it.

I thought it might be fun just to try driving for Uber a couple times though.

draconious_z | July 25, 2014

I've been going through the sign up process the last few days... Thinking of using Uber as a way to help my Tesla fund itself. I cannot really afford it, but intend to get one anyway, some way...

I was going to start off using the mini van for Uber drives, but in less than 24 hours after signing up, someone smashed the windshield on the car as it sat in the driveway while I was away at work (driving my parents car)... It is just a crack in the shape of a 3... While cab drivers do not like Uber, and the local Detroit area is trying to fight the use of Uber, I am likely just being paranoid, and it may have just happened coincidently from heat... but the crack means the car will no longer pass inspection to qualify for use as an Uber car, until I fix it.

With Uber passengers can give feed back on drivers, as well as drivers give feedback on passengers.

BarryObama | September 23, 2014

Think about this one. Tesla partners with a city. Installs superchargers in the city / beltway.

Now, anyone driving tesla is going to beat the shorts off of every other delivery/limo service in town.

You can attract the absolute best drivers.. there is no gas for them to pay.

Tesla can profit share with uber and collect a percentage of the 20% fee
to be the sole provider of teslas. Hell, tesla can demand they implement a tip feature.. and then collect THAT too!

Red Sage ca us | September 23, 2014

I'm pretty sure the only 'taxi' company Tesla Motors will be directly involved with in the future is the Google Self-Driving Car Project

Brian H | September 23, 2014

Project100 in Vegas is something like that.