Tesla using all EV station, next other EV using Tesla stations.

Tesla using all EV station, next other EV using Tesla stations.

Ok; maybe I look to far in future but I looking and now wondering if this idea was though about as other EV in future with bigger battery packs using the SC stations like we can use public station today with modified ends hookup? I fear the states could reducing there own EV support? I do not know if the SC has a communication protocol at hook up that Tesla car and SC station communicate before allows charging takes place? If not I think the Tesla owners should have a free swipe card's for the SC stations or a future option built in. I know for a few years charging will be easy as only few cars around but in 3-5 years many more Tesla's and newer EV that could dock at Tesla charging stations. This all just something that past thru my mind as replaying some personal history and been in this type of jam before but with another issues.

Brian H | June 19, 2013

To use the SCs, cars must be expensively wired and programmed. There is almost no chance other car companies will attempt this.

MBCMDR | June 19, 2013

Ok, I did know how you controlled it good to hear the reply no chance, I was hoping that they could not use a modified end plug adapter with a build in dongle/emulator to make it think it was filling at Tesla.. As my two degrees are in Electronics and Software and done my share on modifications LOL.

TI Sailor | June 20, 2013

TM could sell the right to use SC's to manufacturer-partners who buy TM's battery and/or drivetrain technology. Presumably those manufacturers would only pay for that right if applicable to their vehicles' configurations.

If that happens, I hope (and believe) TM will use the proceeds to build its SC network faster and with greater density.

Roblab | June 20, 2013

Another problem with letting other EVs use the Tesla Superchargers: Batteries are designed to charge around at 1C, or one charge per hour. Charging too fast will overheat with the possibility of causing fires.

Tesla Model S batteries are water cooled and have fire retardant caps. Other cars are air cooled. Tesla Superchargers dump 90 kw of power into your battery in an hour. Luckily you have nearly a 90 kW battery, and charging is at 1C. A leaf with a 24 kW battery will more than likely over heat. You need a big battery to dump that much power into. Other cars don't have a big battery, and don't have good battery cooling.

That's all we need is to have pictures of some Leaf sitting at a Supercharger station with the batteries blown out of the bottom for everyone to say, "Watch out! Electric cars aren't safe!"

aaronw2 | June 20, 2013

As it is, regularly charging a Leaf via Chademo will adversely affect the life of the battery. The Leaf's air cooled batteries are also cooking themselves to death in places like Arizona.

MBCMDR | June 20, 2013

Remember it not 90kw into one battery but really 90kw into 7000 cells that's over 20min or even an hour will not smoke the cells as yes I deal with this type of batteries. I admit the Tesla has a super setup how they set the 7000 cells up.