Test drive for Ukrainian travel bloggers

Test drive for Ukrainian travel bloggers


I am with my twin-brother are traveling in USA, we are from Ukraine.

We have heard many interesting things about Tesla and want to test it :)

We have a travel blog, pretty popular and we’d like to make a review of Tesla. Maybe somebody in San Francisco, Los Angeles have a time to spend with us and share own experience of driving Tesla?

We've visited New York, Chicago, Madison (and other few cities in WI), Minneapolis, Seattle (cities around), Portland and going to see all America :). Maybe you can give us advices (or meet with us) what to see in South America — as we are IT engineers, for us very interesting how everything is working, we like to visit factories etc.

E-mail: teb2010 (at)
Phone: 347 80392one5 (please message first, sometimes no possibilities to answer)

Thank you!

teb2010 | February 4, 2014

As bonus you will get professional photos of you and your car ;)